The Best Civilization VI Mods

TechRaptor looks at the best Civilization VI mods and helps you find the way to best modify your Civilization 6 game.

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PrimeVinister65d ago

The best Civilization VI mod is to uninstall it and play Civilization IV with BTS and Neoteric World running instead.

TechRaptor65d ago

I'm more of a Fall From Heaven person myself (Author) though I can appreciate some of Civ VI's things I do like firing up Civ 4 sometimes too.

PrimeVinister64d ago

Civ VI is a fantastic Civ but I just went back to 4 BTS Neo after less than a year with only intermittent sessions of 6 since.

Would like to add, I really enjoyed this article. But then again, I am a fan of TechRaptor so that's nothing new 😊