Jim Ryan Picks Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart as Last Year's Best, Wonders About Future PS5 Exclusives

SIE CEO Jim Ryan picked Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart as his favorite and most enjoyable game released in the last year or so. He also wonders about how great future PS5 exclusives will be if this is just the beginning.

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Cybermario65d ago

hope we get to see more of this franchise in the PS5

SCW198265d ago

returnal is the best game this year easy

Knushwood Butt64d ago

Agree. I beat Ratchet and enjoyed it, but I'll take Returnal if I had to choose one.
I'm going to sell Ratchet, but keeping Returnal.

waderae64d ago

The best thing is you have an actual choice between your favourite 1st party titles....

Some console owners don't get that ;)

kevinsheeks63d ago

can't wait to actually have a ps5 maybe next year >.<

fitofficial63d ago

Uh oh... you said something that isn't 100% praise of Ratchet! Enjoy your downvotes! They're totally organic. We swear.

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masterfox65d ago

So much joy and stunning SP experiences my PS5 has given me in such short period of time since its release, I hope this trend continues forever still I have to be realistic as well , but so far the future looks bright and awesome with the PS5, next year already looking even better with awesome exclusives!

neutralgamer199264d ago

i think what's interesting is sony knows it needs few MP games and that's why they have signed deals with 2nd party (newely formed studios) who's founders are big time ex FPS devs(COD and Destiny if i am not wrong)

this way they let their own studios do what they know best and that's to make amazing gaming experiences(i do hope more of sony's studios work on RPG's)

InUrFoxHole64d ago

Unfortunately I'm not in that same boat. A little underwhelmed by the ps5 right now. R&C isn't bad but it's not mind blowing. Haven't played returnal. I'll wait till it goes on sale. I should've got that instead of R&C.

Einhander197164d ago

Love Returnal just the rogue like difficulty put me off. Unfortunately haven't the time to devote playing it either. Ratchet is better for sure for me personally. Absolutely stunning game on every level. Just imagine what the next few years will bring, as developers keep tapping into that power.

CobraKai64d ago

I 100% agree. I’ve been potshotting Returnal, which is by all accounts fantastic, but I’ve already hit a wall and I don’t wanna burn the game out. I don’t think rogue likes are for me.

Rift apart is a whole different beast. It’s gotten to the point where I’m more wowed by Insomniac than I am with Pixar.
And….. I’ll admit it…. I think Rivet is hot.

purple10164d ago (Edited 64d ago )

No worries . There was a cartoon called 'bucky-o-hair' , back in the day. I used to fancy his girlfriend.! I was about 5 years old though...

CobraKai64d ago

Jenny? Haha. You had good taste as a 5yo. Let’s add Lola Bunny

This is getting weird.

Futureshark64d ago

Ratchet is a stunning looking game, but Returnal just has a better 'feel' to it for me. Plus it also looks stunning!

InUrFoxHole63d ago

Do you think it looks better than R&C? Because R&C is absolutely beautiful.

Futureshark63d ago

I would have to say the graphics in R&C are probably better, different style obviously but there are moments in Ratchet that are genuinely jaw dropping. Had a great time grinding around 'The Fixer' the other day.
Returnal is still really nice to look at though, much more moody. But it's the tactile feedback and actual 'feel' of controlling Selene that just edges it as a better game IMHO.

InUrFoxHole63d ago

Think I'm going to give it a shot.

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