Call of Duty Vanguard Reveal Likely To Arrive In Late-August via Warzone

The Vanguard Warzone reveal is coming.

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EazyC680d ago

Hard to imagine how this WON'T be a flop, assuming it's WWII.

1. There's already been a WWII CoD in recent memory. Not very good mind you, but that's besides the point. I expect this will be some altered reality version.
2. Warzone has cannibalised CoD, even though Warzone is starting to feel a little bit stale now, having only had one major and one minor map. No one really plays CoD MP and yet those who still play Warzone seem overall frustrated with it....bit of a Catch 22.
3. Battlefield 2042, obviously. Now I have heard the rumours about the weather effects being boring gimmicks from early testers, and lack of destruction....those are two very worrying points...but still, there is a far greater appetite for a new BF at the moment. It is very easy to imagine a scenario where BF overtakes CoD this year.

fsfsxii680d ago

MP in MW isn't as populated as war zone, but its unfair to claim 'no one plays it anymore'
even with cross play turned off, you can find a match within 10 seconds on any game mode

Snakeeater25680d ago

That reveal will be to late battlefield will destroy them

DeadlyFire679d ago

Why so late I wonder? Usually Cod is revealed by May/June at the latest. EA and Sony also doing later than usually reveals.

Razmiran679d ago

They did a late august reveal last year with cold war too
Its probably to allow the previous game and warzone more time in the spotlight (Even if warzone is probably not going to be retired)