The Valve Steam Deck Might Be the Perfect Budget Gaming PC

The Valve Steam Deck reveal was certainly a surprise, but what's even more surprising is that it looks like it could be a really good budget gaming PC.

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PunksOnN4G72d ago

My friend who got a switch lite took it back the next day saying control are way to small this onthe other hand has him hyped

CrimsonWing6972d ago

I’m getting it for exactly that reason. I know it’s not like I’ll be doing 4K 120fps or anything redonkulous, but being someone who only owns consoles and an iMac it’ll be nice to finally get to play PC games with mods and have a portable device that I can hook up to my TV and play PC exclusives. I’m all in for this device!

blacktiger72d ago

you don't need that since Xbox Gamepass apparently shows that.

NotoriousWhiz72d ago

Are you me? Also, only own consoles and an iMac.

ActualWhiteMan72d ago

If I am you...and you are me.....then WHO IS HE!??!?!


CrimsonWing6972d ago

Lol, I thought I was the only one of my kind

z2g72d ago

I’m pretty interested in this. Is everything I wish the switch was. Fidelity, power, flexibility and less compromises. Switch feels like it’s for children.

Bender650272d ago

Comparisons to the Switch are pointless. None of Nintendo's games will be on this device. As for PC games, they'll run like crap. Unless you think an Xbox one or PS4 could run those very same game at levels you would be happy with, because that's the power level we're talking about here.

-Hermit-72d ago

720p at medium to high settings on a 7 inch screen? Yeah, I think most people would be happy with that.

Bender650272d ago (Edited 72d ago )

720p? Riiiiight. If we where talking any other scenario here, including Switch, PC gamer's would be laughing at the prospect of playing @720p. PC gamer's spend $1000's on building rigs sometimes even more than a $1000 on a GPU alone, just to Ultra 4K, but now 720p is okay. If you say you're happy with that, then I see no reason to doubt you. The majority however, nah, just not gonna happen.

phoenixwing72d ago

You're right comparisons are pointless since it's so much better than what a switch is.

Bender650272d ago

Yes, it is. Though that isn't relevant, because you won't be playing Nintendo games, you'll be trying to play PC games designed for relatively high powered PC's on a platform incapable of keeping up with even last gen consoles. Yes, it's a nice new product. Yes, it's flexible and sounds great. But it simply won't be able to deliver the performance. The only people I can see this really appealing to is the 'Gadget brigade.' And the price? Are you kidding me!

Kados70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

2TF RDNA2 is equal to ~3.35TF GCN, vs 1.8TF GCN for the base PS4, and 1.2TF for the Xbox One. The Steam Deck also has double the Ram of those consoles, and vastly higher memory bandwidth, not to mention NVMe SSDs.

As for the resolution, it is all about the pixel density. 720p on a 7" display is 210 PPI. 1440p 27" is 109 PPI, 4k 30" is 147 PPI.

@720p and medium-high settings, most modern games will both look and perform perfectly fine on the Deck.