Steam Deck: Valve Taking Steps Against Scalpers With the Help of Steam Accounts

Valve is taking steps against scalpers who are aiming to profit from the Steam Deck with the help of Steam accounts.

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FlavorLav0171d ago

Got mine reserved no problems. Put in the cart and was checked out in 5 minutes. Better experience then what I had getting my PS5 or SeriesX consoles.

Kane2271d ago

well thats because its going through them. Sony and Microsoft can't control everyone who sales their products.

FlavorLav0171d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Agreed. I wish Sony and Xbox had given first dibs to existing account holders like this. It would’ve been more secure and built a lot of faith within each community, and would lead to more software sales with more consoles directly in gamers hands. Makes almost too much sense.

Michiel198971d ago

@kane then maybe Sony and MS should stop being lazy and set up a store themselves to sell them? maybe in collab with retailers that you can pick them up at a physical location or get them send to you. Sony and MS have done (close to) nothing to prevent scalping, a sale is a sale for them it seems no matter who gets it for Sony and MS.

They have been selling hardware for years now, and basically the first time Valve does it, they do a better job at it. thats just pathetic and shows they dont give an f.

dbcoops70d ago

To be fair the sources they can control like Playstation Direct and whatever xbox does has been really poorly done as well.

Elda71d ago

I have never bought any games on Steam & was able to reserve one for $5 for Q1 2022 with no problems as well.

FlavorLav0171d ago

Congrats Elda. Glad you’re got your mate. Just mentioning it’s kinda of a cool, good faith move to loyal consumers to offer existing members first dibs on pre-orders and it’s likely intended audience to begin with. I wouldn’t mind if more “pre-orders” for hardware would worked as such. For the players and all…

excaliburps71d ago

Valve putting safeguards won't solve the scalper issue but will help in making sure they don't get a fuckton of units. Unless these scalpers have multiple Steam accounts that have been active for months. LOL!

Vegamyster71d ago

I love that they did reservations, I'd rather wait an extra month or two instead of contentiously hitting refresh on newly announced stock which sells out in seconds.

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annoyedgamer71d ago

The site crashed for me. Took me an hour to get the reservation

ScootaKuH71d ago

Took 2 hours last night but got there eventually. Not sure if I'm a bit mental though - spending £569 on a handheld is a lot of money. I paid £450 on my PS5 so the Deck costs around £120 more. Of course I didn't have to go for the 512gb model, but I wanted the top model. Really looking forward to it.

excaliburps71d ago

Worst case, you can resell it. ;)

ScootaKuH71d ago

For £5k 🤣🤣

Seriously though, do these scalpers honestly think they will sell them for that?

Ratchet7571d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Imagine playing NES to switch games through emu on that thing and all that at 60fps.
Good times ahead for us. 😉

elazz71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

If you are tech savvy you could get the 64GB model and replace the storage with a 2230 M2 nvme SSD. Only problem is those are a bit expensive. 200USD for 1TB.

With that price for storage in mind I just reserved the 512GB model. It's a bit expensive but with the backlog of games I have I should be good for quite some time.

ScootaKuH71d ago

I honestly would know how to, I'd rather just pay the extra. I'm lazy like that 😂

silvacrest70d ago

I was initially going to do this, but wasn't sure if the 64GB version had a M.2 slot, so i went with the 256gb with the plan to upgrade the 256gb m.2 later.

Now Gabe himself confirmed they all have 2230 m.2 slots, so i wasted cash on the SKU i reserved, but i guess i can just throw that on ebay when my upgraded storage comes

CobraKai71d ago

I’d have gone for the top of the line one too. I always regret it when I don’t.

TheRealTedCruz71d ago

I grabbed it just for the anti-glare screen alone.
The extra storage was just a bonus.

ScootaKuH71d ago

Same here. It's a weird built in mechanism i have that forces me to buy the top one, even when I know I don't need it 😂

ScootaKuH71d ago


Yeah that was one of the reasons for me as well. That'll make a big difference when using it outdoors.

NotoriousWhiz70d ago

A lot of people wanted the top of the line one. New reservations are expected to be delivered in Q3 2022.

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blacktiger71d ago

First time Open Hardware Platform

Lionsguard71d ago

This price for the Steam Deck really tells me that Sony and Microsoft shouldn't be scared of selling higher end consoles that exceed $500. I'd be glad to pay $700 or $800 for a super high end PS5 with all the trimmings and nothing held back.

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