Nintendo shifts 800,000 Thanksgiving Wiis

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has revealed that the company sold around 800,000 Wii consoles in the US over the Thanksgiving weekend - more than double the 350,000 number from last year.

That number is sure to keep the Wii at the top of the hardware sales chart, even though many stores are now reporting that they are out of stock, with the notable exception of Wal-Mart's online store.

Iwata explained the console's sales performance as an indicator that the Wii was top of the gift list for shoppers.

"When the economy is strong, people tend to buy three things from the top of their wish list," he said in an interview with Reuters. "But when things are bad, people often buy only the first thing on their list - Fortunately for us a lot of shoppers put our products at the top of their list."

Meanwhile Iwata added that sales of the DS were also up on last year, by around 20 per cent.

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Stryfeno23604d ago

Those are some good numbers.

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Hentai3604d ago

800,000 people need to get laid.

d_dogg20073604d ago

Seriously who buys this sh*t? Women i suppose, then we want them in the gaming industry if this is what they support?

Kaneda3604d ago

Your parents are dumb for keep buying the wii! waste of money! those LeapFrog kid games are better than the wii...

Axelay3604d ago

Yeah whatever.
You know what people don't like to be called stupid by others.
I want to buy a console for my family and i think the more suited for that it's the wii. The only console made for the entire family.
It's probably the reason of his success.
This is why i don't comment a lot on this site, people don't make sense anymore.
Every time i come here, i read the same thing, the same idiocy.