Unlocking Roo the Kangaroo in Streets of Rage 4 Mr. X Nightmare - The Outerhaven

The Outerhaven writes: Did you know that Roo the Kangaroo from Streets of Rage 3 was added in the Streets of Rage 4 Mr. X Nightmare DLC? Well, he was and this is how you can unlock and play as him.

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Konopelski66d ago

You’ll know it worked when you start a game and notice that Roo now appears above the Streets of Rage 3 Shiva. You’ll have to input the code every time you start the game, but thankfully it’s not too complicated to do. Pretty cool, right? Roo is playable in all modes as well, however, Roo can’t pick up and use any weapons. And while that seems like a bummer, Roo has several powerful attacks and has the ability to roll dodge by pressing down or up twice in a roll. It’s pretty useful for getting out the way of attacks.

ZeekQuattro66d ago

I'm just glad he turned out to be playable. Those sneaky devils. lol