Steam Deck is the competition Nintendo should be worried about

Adrian: All of my leisurely gaming in bed, on the couch, or hey, even on the toilet, was about to get a serious upgrade. But clearly, my hopes and dreams were flying too close to the sun because last week all of those rumors culminated in a Nintendo Switch 7” OLED model featuring an adjustable kickstand and just what everyone has clamored for, enhanced audio, whatever that means. No CPU upgrade. No GPU upgrade. Just a screen bump. Bummer. But the Steam Deck? Now, this is what I'm waiting for.

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Orchard63d ago

Unless it has Nintendo games like Mario and Zelda etc, I don't see why Nintendo should be worried.

Kados63d ago

Most emulators have Linux versions. This hardware should be able to handle Switch games no problem.

Neonridr63d ago

we are talking legally here.

Kados63d ago (Edited 63d ago )


Emulators are legal.

Snookies1263d ago

@Kados - Lol, at the people disagreeing with you. Emulators are perfectly legal, provided you have your own BIOS.

Kados63d ago (Edited 63d ago )


It is amazing how many people still believe emulation is illegal, despite several federal court cases that made the law very clear. In the Bleem case, the judge actually slammed Sony for even attempting it.

Emulators are legal, so long as it does not include the original Bios file.
Emulators that use reverse engineered alternatives to the original Bios file (most modern emulators) are legal.
Ripping and using your own Bios file with an emulator is legal.
Ripping and using your own Roms/ISOs is legal.
Downloading someone elses Roms/ISOs (even if you own an original copy) is illegal.

RedDevils63d ago

Legal or not, if emulator are possible it will be on it, even if Nintendon't like it.

CaptainHenry91662d ago (Edited 62d ago )

That's what I was thinking the first time I saw this thing. Emulator🙌🏻

bouzebbal62d ago

Nintendo has the best software and each of their games is a system seller.. They are on a league of their own

deadfrag62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

No, with the Steam deck power you Will not be able to emulate Switch games!You Will have luck been able to emulate Wii games and GameCube games,theres not enough power on the S Deck for Switch games !

Kados62d ago (Edited 62d ago )


Yuzu does not require much. My current PC (R7 3700x, 750ti) runs Pokemon Sword modded @ locked 1080p, with enhanced texture and shader packs, and gets a rock solid 30fps through 99% of the game.

720p, without any enhancement mods, the Deck should be able to handle most of the better optimized games without issue.

A toaster can run Dolphin (GC & Wii) at this point. My old build with a Phenom II 965 from 2010 ran most GC and Wii games at 1080p/60 without issue.

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TheRealTedCruz63d ago


The Steam Deck is a cool machine, and I'm definitely grabbing one. I find it a far better machine more justified in its pricing but, at the end of the day, the core gamer is going to see a switch on the shelf, know it let's them play the Nintendo exclusives, and that typically sells the system alone.
I mean, Switch has been a powerhouse since launch.

Again though, and just saying, anyone who is a little tech savvy and, say, wants to *ahem* hit the broad sea for a bit, well ... I'm just saying that you have the ability to choose just how far you want your dollar to take you.

badz14963d ago

Switch? a powerhouse? LOL

Vegamyster63d ago


He's talking about sales.

TheRealTedCruz63d ago (Edited 63d ago )


Lol yeah.
I mean, I know context can be lost in writing, but I don't really see how you don't understand what I'm trying to say, considering the sentence right before it.

Seraphim63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

another silly headline

that's my thinking. People either are or aren't going to buy a Switch or Steamdeck. Just like any other console or device. Also we're talking about two completely different target audiences within gaming. Switch is targeting handheld/console users + Nintendo fans while the other is targeting PC gamers and gamers looking for PC gaming on the go; or even a budget gaming PC to use as a console instead of handheld. Both have value to someone but to everyone that value will differ. But you're average consumer isn't going to think twice about not getting a Switch and getting a steamdeck instead.

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OB1Biker63d ago

I think it's more competition for Microsoft, not Nintendo.

ABizzel162d ago (Edited 62d ago )

As other have said emulation takes that excuse away, and to be frank if anyone actually plays on PC they wold know there are so many fan made games that are as good and in many cases better than what Nintendo even produces. I've had more fun with fan-made Pokemon games like Pokemon Uranium than I have with a main series since Black and White (X/Y were fine). The problem is the average consumer is ignorant of emulation and don't know how to use or install it, and people don't know about the fan made games because Nintendo copyright would shut them down, and fans would rather hate them because they want to be Nintendo justice warriors, meanwhile Nintendo is putting out minimum effort in several of their franchises and especially their hardware.

That being said it's not a threat to Nintendo because Nintendo already has an established brand and brand loyalty for several generations in this market, and because there is value in just how simple Nintendo is as a brand and device for casual gamers and children. IMO the Steam Deck is without question the better device in nearly every way imaginable when it comes to gaming, applications, diversity, and services, and is the better device to get for a child as it can also be a learning tool for your children as well (install Duolingo and help them learn another language, or math tutor apps, since it can run full Windows and Android). It's a one device fits all needs, that does handheld gaming performance better than the current main competition.

Nintendo will still be king of handhelds, but the Deck has brought a much needed competitor, high-end performance for handhelds, and hopefully competition.

Fist4achin62d ago

Don't forget the power of Animal Crossing and Pokemon.

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iplay1up263d ago

This is not going to change anything for Nintendo. Their IP's have the fans. I absolutely do think Nintendo messed up with the new OLED version. I would rather have more power.

I used to buy 3rd party games to play on the go, but don't anymore. I almost always play docked. So I am only getting software for it that I can't get on other systems.

DonDon300063d ago

I'd prefer this over the switch personally. People who don't play on Steam have no clue as to the amounts of exclusive, innovative games on it. Zelda, Mario, etc are great, but not really innovating much throughout the years apart from adapting open world gimmicks that other games already milked. Steam has out of this world quirky amazing exclusives only on pc. And now I can play them on the go.

Vegamyster63d ago

Both Zelda/Mario are highly acclaimed by fans/media and both sold over 20 million units each, it's not going to matter to the average consumer if a PC based handheld has a bunch of quirky games because the entry cost is a lot higher and there isn't any marketing. The biggest selling point of this system is to existing users who have a library of games already, it'll be interesting to see how well it does but i wouldn't expect it to do anything like the Switch has been doing.

Knightofelemia63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Nintendo is king of the handhelds going back to the Gameboy days Sega tried Nintendo came out on top, Sony tried twice and still Nintendo came out on top, NEC tried Nintendo came out on top, Atari even tried and again Nintendo came out on top. Nintendo has the games, the franchises, the fans that spread across different platforms from NES to the DS to the Switch that are loyal to franchises. I honestly don't see this thing as competition to the Nintendo Switch. Nothing wrong with playing Mario Kart or Breath of the Wild on the go I don't think Nintendo is shaking in their boots since the Steam Deck was announced.

RedDevils63d ago

Hmm, remember Sony first console that Nintendo thought they own the market? Yeah that was history.

GameBoyColor63d ago

Remember when a 240p screen 3ds beat the vita so badly Sony just packed up and left the market?

BehindTheRows62d ago


Remember the last time Nintendo made a traditional home console? How did that turn out? Not a silly road that we should go down.

OT: I doubt Nintendo needs to worry much, but I do expect this thing to be successful.

Sephiroushin62d ago

Kids are born everyday, a kid wants mario everyday, mario and nintendo wont go anywhere, they have their markey so they arent shaking...

masterfox63d ago

is a no brainer, Steam Deck can easily kill all Switch games in terms of quality in an instant.

garos8263d ago

you got no brains alright

TheRealTedCruz63d ago

I'm taking his use of "quality" as the actual fidelity and performance of the games, themselves.
Nintendo is highly consistent in releasing quality first part titles; but you're limited to only what is released on the Switch, and many modern games never come to the system due to the hardware limitations.

So you can buy a Switch, that is mainly a new Nintendo games player with some lesser versions of titles had better on virtually every other platform, or you can get this Steam Deck for not too much more, and get a portable that plays pretty much everything but Nintendo games, with even Sony taking more and more interest in PC.

The Switch is worth owning, but if I could only have one as my only gaming platform, for me, Steam Deck wins by a landslide.

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