Final Fantasy XIII Jump Festa Trailers not public

Square Enix are taking their infamous Closed Mega Theatre to this years Jump Festa which almost definitely means that any trailers, old or new, will be shown behind closed doors with no filming or photography allowed.

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Edge Maverick3604d ago

Square has taken an approach that is pure anti-gamer. They don't want to include us in the pre-release promotional process. Either:

a) Square feels as though this is creating more hype for a good game, which it's not.


b) The game is a turd and they're embarrassed to show nothing but the same trailers, OR they're just showing tech demos most of the time to the media folks who actually care to cover-up the fact that FFXIII development is going slowly and poorly.

And really want the media to step up on this one and tell it how it is. If the game is blowing chunks and Square is hiding behind closed-doors, please, let us know.

This company is going down the tubes and it's sad because of what they've done in the past. But ever since they finished the merge, it's been a mess. Last-gen was okay, but inconsistent...this gen? Uh-boy.

Star Ocean better deliver.

Doppy3604d ago

If the game is suppose to come out next year then why not show something to get people excited again. They know it's Japan's top game, but I think America and Europe are unimpressed as of now, because there is NOTHING to inspire us to look for to this game. SHOW US SOMETHING

Cwalat3604d ago


there is something called, spreading false hope...
which is excactly what Square Enix are doing now.

i mean, don't get me wrong... if i were developer (which i'll be in a few years) i wouldn't show anything that's not ready for public eyes. either..

but i doubt that's what Square Enix are doing, the game has been in development since 2005... I seeeeeeeeriously cannot believe that they haven't come that far... i mean, W T F are you feeding your workers?
4 years into development and all they are showing are same trailers and stuff...

i doubt they don't wanna "spoil" anything.. i mean, there are tons of ways which they can avoid spoiling the game... BUT just show us an ingame sequence... and we'll know of those 4 years were worth the wait or no...

if they show ingame footage... it won't take 2 seconds before i know if this is worth it or not...

4 fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu**cking YEAAARS... and they haven't even showed us some gameplay...

PirateThom3604d ago

Game is officially now vapourware. It doesn't exist.

die_fiend3604d ago

Sorry, no1's listening to ur 'jokes'. That's cos this is the open zone...Let me guess, you've been banned for ur PS3 fanboy comments

Somnus3604d ago

Your comment is the definition of hypocrisy die_fiend.

die_fiend3604d ago

1)The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness.
2)An act or instance of such falseness.

Really? I don't believe I professed anything that I don't think is true or that I thought was false...Are you refering to 'ur PS3 fanboy comments?' If so, how is this hypocritical in the slightest? It's probably the reason he was banned...Care to elaborate on what you actually meant?

Xbox Street Gang3604d ago

irony also...

lol. Open Zone is funny...

die_fiend3604d ago

Irony also? As well as...? Like I said, there was nothing hypocritical about what I said...ironic yes, but not also ironic, just ironic...But I don't count as listening. I'm a vapour

PirateThom3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

I was banned here for saying if the PS3 version of FFXIII was on two discs the 360 version would be on 40 discs showing how ridiculous the idea that the game will be bigger than 50GBs was.

Most people would agree, that's a ridiculous thing to be sent to the open zone for.

And I wasn't joking there, the game really doesn't exist.

die_fiend3604d ago

I agree, that's ridiculous. Are you sure you're not playing it down completely? Y would the game be anywhere near over 50gb? And the game doesn't really exist? So what are the people in the Closed Theater actually watching at all these events? Cos they tell us they're seeing FF13

Stryfeno23604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

Lets me help you do the math....Let say FFXIII is on 2 disc on the PS3.

1 disc = 50gb
2 disc = 100gb

now on the 360

1 disc = 9gb of uncompressed data
11 dics = 100gb of uncompressed data

If true, the 360 version could be a maximum of 5 to 6 disc by compressing the data.

so where do you get 40 disc from? Therefore, you were spreading FUD and got ban from the Gamer Zone my Sony loving fool.

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Somnus3604d ago

The Re: Final Fantasy XIII DVD comes out this Saturday in Japan with new trailers for all three games.

Edge Maverick3604d ago

By the eyes of fans. I'm willing to wager that those trailers are months, maybe a year old for the media folk.

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