Battlefield 2042 Crossplay Clarified by DICE, Devs Asking Feedback for Briefings

DICE has clarified a few things about Battlefield 2042 crossplay! Devs seeking feedback on Battlefield Briefings.

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thorstein65d ago

Feedback: Cross Console only option. I will play with PC players until cheats ruin the game. Then it will be console only from that point.

excaliburps65d ago

I hope we get a choice to do console-only for PS5, Xbox. I definitely don't want PC cheaters.

Timzster65d ago

Hopefully the cross console gameplay is fair and monitored well. Definitely no to PC cheaters.

gamesftw25065d ago

Even then having an Anti Cheat unlike Activision will go a long way.

Nitrowolf265d ago

Have it like Apex. You play with a pc player or mouse and keyboard in ur party then it match makes you in pc mix lobbies, otherwise it’s always consoles

PunksOnN4G65d ago

BS that not true... Me and my friends have ran into PC players many times even TTV ones who stream and using K+M soo no thats not true.

blacktiger65d ago

I dont understand this garbage crossplay, like different console controller vs different controller,. Thats not same

rakentaja65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I hate the crossplay between consoles and PC in COMPETITIVE games. I've already skipped 2 games I wanted to play, but this mouse / higher frame rate / latency race just kills me. For me, it’s like “they don’t care”, they probably sell more copies this way, the only thing they like to hear. I'm a good with the controller and I want to take advantage of that. There is a noticeable difference in how they turn around, react, jump and shoot. With a controller, it's generally slower.

boing165d ago

As much as I hate PC cheaters, I really appreciate the possibility to play Warzone on PS5 with my buddies playing on their PCs. Consoles only cross-play should be an option, though.