Arcade1up's X-Men 4 Player Arcade Machine Is Available To Pre-Order, Priced At $699

First announced during E3 2021, Arcade1up's X-Men 4 Player Arcade Machine is now available to pre-order, ships in mid-October.

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Darkborn570d ago

It's either this or a steam deck.

walken7570d ago

Free hunched back included! Even with the risers, these things are an awful form factor.

MetroidFREAK21570d ago

They need to make a Rampage World Tour cabinet... I'd buy that in an instant

dead_pixels570d ago

Man, that and Daytona USA are at the top of my list for potential Arcade1up cabs.

PunksOnN4G570d ago

man these things went from 300 to 400 then 600 now 700 LOL...
No wonder these things just sit on shelfs LOL

ZeekQuattro570d ago

Yeah no kidding. I guess licensing fees went up so they jacked the prices up in response. Lol

Double_O_Revan570d ago

Yea. These things are cool, but you still only get 1 game in these cabinets. That's way too much money.

PunksOnN4G570d ago

The point of arcade-1up was also cheap affordable system.. But now they are closing in on 1000 and each time they put out new ones they are going up 100-200$ each time. Even some of the big youtubers who cover these are speaking up..

SickSinceSix570d ago

I guess the one's with 4 player controls would cost a little extra but they're still overpriced for what they are

PunksOnN4G570d ago

before they were like 450 for the 4-players but yeah i understand...

autobotdan567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

"Welcome to die!" - Magneto