Every Mainline Zelda Game Ranked From Worst To Best

The only feat in video game development more difficult or impressive than creating a great game is creating consistently great games. Many beloved franchises with sizable libraries have fallen victim to the law of averages and eventually released some stinkers. However, "The Legend of Zelda" stands in defiance of this otherwise concrete law.

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thorstein70d ago

Plot twist: they're all number one.

curtain_swoosh70d ago

i really loved Majoras mask because of how dark and creepy it was.

XboxCore70d ago

Majoras Mask always gave me anxiety - felt like doom was impending lol.. The best vibes for me are Windwaker.. Maybe because it was a chill time in my life and loved sailing the open oceans. Might get back into it this weekend

Zeldafan6470d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Majora's Mask did its' job then.

curtain_swoosh70d ago

haha i know exactly what you mean.
i really liked wind waker too, but not the collecting of the triforce pieces omg i hate it. the rest was pretty damn fine :)

mgszelda170d ago

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who didn't love BOTW. I wanted to love it but it felt empty, the dungeons are short and I hated getting all the "special items" in the beginning.

ZeekQuattro70d ago

Ahh Zelda OOT. I remember the first thing I would do after jumping to the future was saving Epona and then unlocking the true big goron sword super early with her help.

rockwhynot66d ago

Actually I'm dumb dins fire is in the past. I think I prioritized getting the gold quiver in the future.

melons70d ago

missing the Link's Awakening remake, which is different enough from the original to count imo