Gabe Newell: Hitting Steam Deck Price Was 'Painful' but 'Critical'

IGN : Valve characterizes the Steam Deck price as "very aggressive," saying that it's vital that it feel like a high-end PC gaming device without being too expensive.

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masterfox573d ago

299 would it be an insta-buy imo, have dozens of steam games , but still not having a dpad really sucks

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masterfox573d ago (Edited 573d ago )

Holy!, you are right, from the first image since it was from an angle didnt realize it was one in there all the way to the top left, my bad .

John_McClane573d ago

Making a mistake doesn't justify all the downvotes, anyone could have done the same.

esherwood573d ago (Edited 573d ago )

Even if it was junk? They stretched to get it at the price point it’s at and they want the thing to run AAA pc games. id rather pay the extra money then waste $300 on something just because I can afford it . Look at the specs on it compared to the switch

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darthv72573d ago

$400 is a great price for the power you get compared to the $350 of the new OLED switch. A regular switch is $300 and the $50 price hike for just a better screen is not worth it. But $100 more for a fully fledged PC in your hands (that is cheaper than even the latest smartphones/tablets) that you can literally play tens of thousands of games ranging from Atari to Xbox using native store launchers as well as emulators.

count me in.

Vegamyster573d ago

The price is great but PC games are quite large, the base model is really only good if you plan on playing smaller or older games, the 256gb model here in Canada is $659 which is really the minimum if you're doing AAA games.

mkis007573d ago

The microsd slot should be compatible with tb cards... the 256gb ones arent expensive.

Sgt_Slaughter572d ago

You're not factoring in a few things.

First, it's $400 for the base model but it has terribly low storage for PC games, especially if you wipe it and load Windows 10 onto it. Second, there are a ton of games that don't work natively with a controller and the amount of time that will need to be spent configurating controls for each of those games (as well as trial and error) is going to take a while collectively. Finally, we're still not even sure how this is going to run most modern games as well as just how quickly will it kill battery life.

If there is a remodel down the line, I'd wait for that one or get one of the higher priced models when it launches, but that wipes away any value it once had at the $400 (even higher in other regions) prince point.

Bladesfist572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

If anyone wants the stats you can just get them from steam's all products page as it allows you to filter based on controller support. You wont find many games that release on console and don't have controller support on PC.

There are 55,953 games on steam.

25,272 have full controller support.
18,513 have partial controller support.

esherwood572d ago

Really hope this puts pressure on Nintendo to step it up though I doubt it. The switch oled was definitely a disappointment

porkChop573d ago (Edited 573d ago )

It's still too high. It's $499 in Canada for only 64GB. For PC gaming that's not nearly enough. It should have had at least 128GB minimum. And not having the anti-glare glass unless you pay $819 Canadian is unacceptable.

I mean at this price Valve is going up against the Series X and the PS5. Other than portability, what is the value proposition?

Vanfernal573d ago

They used Death Stranding as an example of the games it can run. The Steam file for Death Stranding is 80gb. XD

Profchaos573d ago

I guess the benifit is that the base model has expandable storage meaning you can get a micro SD card and expand it

DOMination-572d ago

Can you split a game between internal and SD if its over 64GB ?

darthv72573d ago

Id agree... 128gb for $400 would have been right for the entry level model

GameBoyColor573d ago

Thats my only complaint, why pull a nintendo and skimp on the storage. The nvme options are even more of a turn off. At least you can expand with micro sd but still...

Vegamyster573d ago

To keep the price down they had to skimp out somewhere, there is a reason the best phones on the market cost well over $700+ and Laptops cost more than the desktop equivalent. The smaller the device the more it costs, it's not a matter of a company trying to screw over consumers, you look at other powerful handheld PC systems it's no different.

kneon572d ago


You are correct, except for a certain fruit flavoured phone maker that does screw over their customers by changing many times the actual cost difference if you want a phone with more storage, and of course do not support a microSD slot so that you have no other options

DonDon3000573d ago

The price is great at $399 since I have hundreds of games from throughout the years. Only $50 more than a Switch plus I have a ton of games already. I'm sold.

Sgt_Slaughter572d ago

You'll need a lot of storage to play those hundreds of games, and since it's only going to be expandable via Micro SD cards that will get pricey fast. 1TB Micro SD cards on Amazon go for $220 or more currently, not to mention the load speeds might be a problem.

Bladesfist572d ago

I have 500 games installed on a 6TB drive on my PC, I hope they build in an option to transfer games over your local network in steam.

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