Steam Deck: The First Hands-On With Valve’s Handheld Gaming PC

IGN : Our impressions of the Steam Deck, Valve's new handheld PC gaming device.

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Gaming4Life198163d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Me too but I have bad luck pre ordering things online but im going to try when it goes live tomorrow. Hopefully I can get one before the scalping starts.

Eonjay63d ago

This really craps all over the Switch for only $50 more. With all the excuses that Nintendo received no one just admitted that the switch OLED is so expensive because Nintendo didn't have competition.

Profchaos63d ago

I think the preorder rules say you need to prove your a steam customer by having purchases in your steam LIbrary that ore date a specific date

Might help or scalpers may just buy old game accounts

Vegamyster63d ago


They're giving Steam users that have purchased a game before June the ability to preorder it first for 48 hours to combat scalpers, i hope more companies try this.

--Onilink--62d ago (Edited 62d ago )


While the internals are certainly much better than the Switch, its not really just $50 more (or $100 compared to the non Oled model). You still need to buy the dock (though thankfully any USB-C will do as well) and if the Switch needed expandable storage, this is on whole other level.
On Switch you can make do with a 128gb card, for this even 512gb might be on the short side.

Still though, I honestly see it more of a PC extension
Or in my case a cheap PC I could get since its been quite a while since I felt like building one, that I can also play on the go and use steam and gamepass combined.

Still though, im expecting to probably end up spending around $600-700 because of storage and the dock, I certainly do not see it as a Switch replacement in terms of games or price

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phoenixwing63d ago

90% sold. The other ten is me doubting if I'll use it much over my desktop but having a portable pc kinda covers the other ten.

potedude63d ago

I'm buying one for my kid 😉

4Sh0w63d ago

I want one, never liked the Switch..... now maybe this is what I need to get more gaming time, go mobile, might be able to play some days at lunch.

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Father__Merrin63d ago

It's expensive but looks pretty good I doubt it will be popular nvidia tried similar

NotoriousWhiz63d ago

What did nvidia try that was similar?

NotoriousWhiz62d ago

Unless I'm missing something, that's not a portable at all.

sinspirit62d ago

Pretty big difference though. Shield required a gaming PC setup for casting to play any of those games, or you could play Android games. This is a totally independent and well-priced gaming PC with portability. Enthusiasts would totally be into this product for on the go, and newcomers have a super viable product from a respectable company with a lot of positives to it. I'm very tempted to get this, but I definitely don't need it.

CDbiggen63d ago

I don't need this. I don't need this. I don't need this.

Mozillayaseen63d ago

I'm not a Pc gamer but i must say this looks good.So people with steam accounts can just log in and all their games are there?Or will this work exactly?

ocelot0763d ago

It depends if you use th steamos then not all games will work. If you wipe the device and install windows and install steam then yer all your games should work. Just all depends how well they run.

sinspirit62d ago

Their installation allows support for a lot of Windows games. Linux can be made to run those Windows drivers. I'm definitely curious to see how well this works though. I remember having a bad time with Wine and Linux back in the day.

ocelot0762d ago

@sinspirit same here wine kind of put me off Linux.

Bladesfist62d ago

Proton has brought a whole new world to Linux support. You can check what is and isn't supported here:

Outlawzz63d ago

Does the ssd matter if you don't care about load times? Does it affect performance ? I rather just get the base $399 but not if it would make a difference in performance while gaming.

ocelot0763d ago

Right now nope just quicker load times. However, With PS5 and Xbox Series games being built with SSD in mind. Then maybe sooner rather than later future pc games will requier a ssd.

spdarksky63d ago

There's a number of test runs done by techies (you can find in youtube) that most games will run on SDCards but may not be all. I tested myself before and I experiencing few crashes when loading games via SDCards especially high end games. Expected slight performance hiccup as well comparing to the standard HDD.

I believe SteamDeck supports playing games on extSSD (or extNVME) then getting the base model will do, albeit the extSSD stuck on your SteamDeck when gaming. Not forgetting that battery usage will be higher as well to power up the extSSD.

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