For Nintendo’s Sake, DON’T Buy the Switch OLED Model

Sirus Gaming: These small changes are reminiscent of the various iterations of the DS. Couple that with what happened with the Wii U shortly after the successful run of the Wii, and we might be seeing a repeat in history. I just don’t think this is a good approach to have for a console, even for one that’s “on the go”.

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Thundercat7763d ago

Nintendo already nailed the Apple's business model. They will get away with it.

_SilverHawk_62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Steam deck is a lot better than the switch. The switch is very expensive for what is offered and the steam deck is a bargain for what is offered. The switch has over 90 percent ports of old games and can't or won't get new generation games while the steam deck has thousands of games and will get a lot of current gen games. The switch with an oled screen is a rip-off especially when you consider its still using the joycons that will be faulty

Tacoboto62d ago

More like Apple TV than their iPhones/iPads (where they do class-leading chip upgrades on iPhones annually and iPad Pros about every 18 months).

They finally updated the Apple TV 4K this year with a newer chip and much improved remote. And they kept it at the same price. If only Nintendo did this.

But, Apple being Apple... instead of killing the 1080p Apple TV and bringing the OG TV 4K down to that price, they keep the 1080p model as is at its same price, and kill that first-gen 4K.

kayoss62d ago

There's are only a few things that is guaranteed in life. For Nintendo and Apples, when upgrading models, expect them to do the minimal. When lowering prices for older models and other stuff, expect them to do the minimal.

jadnice62d ago

And in the process leave hardware sales revenue on the table. As much as I want to get back into Nintendo gaming (my last console was the GameCube)... I simple cannot spend $350 for an improved screen (all other internals is the same dated hardware) when PS5 digital version is $50 more with improved everything from its previous version (PS4).

isarai63d ago

You guys are acting like this is the first time Nintendo has had a slightly revised model, chill bro

GameZenith62d ago

I mean thats the problem....

isarai62d ago

So if they dont then Nintendo is stagnating and falling behind, but if they do it's a problem. Everyone releases revisions, hell PS5/XSX launched with 2 versions right off the bat. It's options, chill

-Hermit-62d ago

I agree with this actually. As much as I dislike the way Nintendo gets away with a lot of things other companies wouldn't get away with, how is this situation any different to the Xbox One S or PS4 Slim? Or how about the Xbox 360 with the core, arcade, elite and slim and Playstation 3's fat, slim and super slim?

The outrage about this is a bit hypocritical really.

Wintersun61662d ago

The slim Playstations etc were never more expensive than the old model. Most of the time they were cheaper.. I'm baffled by how many people choose to ignore this. The Switch is long overdue a BIG price slash, instead Nintendo gives it's follower sheep cult a price raise, and they praise them for it.

Rebel_Scum62d ago

Yep and its very likely not to be the last for the switch either.

Eamon61d ago

The problem is the price and the shovelware. Nintendo probably own the best 1st party IPs out there and since the Wii, they have been deliberately releasing hardware 1-2 gens inferior to their competitors. I long for the day Nintendo actually invest in good hardware and then we can see the return of great 3rd party titles on the console and current-gen 1st party IPs. Because let's face it, games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Mario Odyssey could have ran on a PS3.

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Knightofelemia63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

I would have bought it if Nintendo redesigned the joycons and added more reliable joysticks that don't or aren't prone to drift so easily. But since the joycons are the same with the same parts that drift I'll put my money some where else like maybe a Hello Kitty themed Dreamcast or a Hi Saturn to collect.

Yui_Suzumiya62d ago

That's why you get a Switch Lite

FallenAngel198463d ago

This should’ve been the new base model

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