A Small Piece of Paper Might Be All You Need to Fix Joy-Con Drift on the Nintendo Switch

If you’re one of the thousands of gamers plagued by Joy-Con drift—an issue where the analog sticks on the Nintendo Switch’s controllers register movements even when they’re not being touched—and are frustrated that Nintendo still hasn’t come up with a permanent solution, the fix could be as simple as a tiny millimeter-thick piece of paper.

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sourOG142d ago

Lol that works for a lot of things.

mch2011uk142d ago

Maybe nintendo can supply the bit of paper? 🤔 🤷‍♂️

Phoenix76142d ago

Don't give them Ideas man lol

Smok91142d ago

Yeah you’re receipt from when you bought your switch is what they’d recommend.

Shuckylad142d ago

Millimetre thick paper? Thats like 10 sheets of paper then.

Z501142d ago

Sheet of "Nintendo" paper....$20

Teflon02142d ago

More like a full premium $60

CrimsonWing69142d ago

I’ve never encountered drift on the Switch. The only time I’ve seen drift was on my 360 with a controller that looked like it’s been to war and then some. Is it due to people being too rough with an analog stick?

Loktai142d ago

Its wide spread but not everyone has it. I doubt all these people are savaging their joycons, I think its just a slightly cheaper built than it should be, design. I would blame the users if it was a rare thing but its very common even if its not everyone.

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