Pirated Resident Evil Village ‘runs better’, Capcom comments on DRM issues

From DailyBits: "Applying a crack to the latest entry in Capcom's long-running series solves many of the performance issues that plague the game, including sudden frame drops when killing enemies and compromised performance when screen-filling particle effects are shown.

Capcom's response: We reached out to Capcom for comment, and they told us that a patch is coming and will be released soon; "The team is currently looking into the reported PC performance issues and are working on a patch that should be available soon – we’ll follow up with more details shortly."

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THEzRude66d ago

Denuvo is absolute cancer.

CantThinkOfAUsername65d ago

It's not Denuvo. It's Capcom's own DRM on top of Denuvo. That's what the pirated version removed.

THEzRude64d ago

... They added their own shit on top of that other shit ? No wonder its shit.

CrimsonWing6966d ago

I’m a console pleb, so pardon my ignorance here, but I had no idea that DRM effected the performance of games. That sucks

Tacoboto66d ago

Denuvo causes spikes in CPU usage, but Capcom apparently uses their own DRM in combination with it.

What makes this especially bad is that it seems Capcom tied the authentication to be triggered by certain animations. This might be one of the more extreme cases of Denuvo having an unavoidable playability impact.

66d ago
Pedantic9165d ago (Edited 65d ago )

A patch removing denuvo most likely now that it's been cracked.
No point in continuing in selling a worse performing version while a cracker exposes your shi**y applied DRMs.

TheRealTedCruz65d ago

No comment needed.
Most gamers know Denuvo is BS. People who are honest and actually support the studios who put it into their games are the ones who get shafted. Those who pirate it get the better version of the game.

This is sometimes the singular reason people pirate. Hell, I have a friend who buys games like this, never downloads them, then proceeds to grab a cracked version of the game anyway, just to avoid the DRM.

As for me, I say screw it.
I wait until these titles end up in the bargain bin. Using DRM like this simply tells me you don't actually care about your customers. Everyone knows DRM barely does anything to stop pirating for more than maybe a couple days in most cases.

Fluttershy7765d ago (Edited 65d ago )

"This is sometimes the singular reason people pirate" that is BS. People pirate because they don't like paying for stuff. And imaginary friends don't count: imaginary friends will do imaginary weird stuff!

TheRealTedCruz65d ago

"This is SOMETIMES the singular reason why people pirate"

Reading comprehension.

But no, there are multiple reasons why people pirate. It doesn't purely boil down to not wanting to pay for things.

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