AAA Games Should Look Toward Kena: Bridge of Spirits' Length

As most AAA titles on the market are upward of 30 hours in length, it's nice to see a brief game like Kena: Bridge of Spirits and its price tag.

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Vizigoth0466d ago

I’m going Ember Labs is one of those studios that Sony works with for the next 2 to 3 games and turn out to be a great partnership much like Housemarque. Picking up Kena: Bridge of Spirits day 1!

neomahi66d ago

I hope its that way but Im getting a feeling its not. Ive been hoping Sony sees their potential and quality and fights to keep the game on PlayStation. I dont know, maybe its Ember Labs that isnt interested in an acquisition just yet and maybe havent had to ask Sony for anything. Who knows. Would be a shame to lose them to Microsoft, Sony has that sort of guiding wing. Who knows. Would be in Sonys best interest to keep this talent on their hardware but maybe Sony is already at work, theyve seen talent and quality and are working on an acquisition. They bought Entwined and Concrete Genie dev really fast.

bouzebbal65d ago

“As most AAA titles on the market are upward of 30 hours in length, it's nice to see a brief game like Kena: Bridge of Spirits and its price tag.“

Sorry but this sounds like an idiotic comment to me.. I would prioritize a great 30hour long game at full price over 5 hours anytime at half price every time..
how is it nice? -_-‘

BehindTheRows66d ago

Yeah, I could see Sony acquiring them

neutralgamer199265d ago (Edited 65d ago )


I think it's time for the industry you have clear definition of what is AAA Blockbuster game and what is AA budget title. With so many indie developers the price market has kind of gone all over the place. if you look back around the PlayStation 2 and Playstation 3 days and same for Xbox and Xbox 360 we had the mega publishers but we also had those publishers that were making AA games for $40-50. Now it seems most publishers are only interested in AAA games

Ask yourself this how many of these 30+ hours you speak of games are really high end quality content? How many of those same games could benefit greatly if they were maybe 25 to 30 hours but more focused on quality of the content. Ubisoft for example makes games which are 50 Plus hours but most of them are the same rehash over and over again with the same mechanics in the same features

I would happily pay full price for a game which is 15 hours but it's quality of content and isn't trying to prolong it's playtime by offering a lot of fetch quests

Ratchet and clank is perfect example of this. It's a full price game that you could 100% in 20+ hours but the time you spend in there is well worth it and you don't feel like insomniac are taking advantage of your time

LightofDarkness65d ago

Agree with the sentiment, but AA titles were wiped out for quite a long time during the 360/PS3 era because the cost of development sky-rocketed. So many studios closed because one failure or mediocre product would sink them. It wasn't until the end of that cycle and mostly the beginning of the PS4/XBO era that things stabilised enough for AA to return, thanks to simpler development tools and more straightforward, X86 based hardware.

brewin65d ago

I thought ratchet was way too short. New Game plus is cool, but it felt like as soon as I was really getting going I was just getting to the end. Ratchet could have easily been double the size at least especially for the $70. You guys are being brainwashed to pay more for less game. As good as ratchet was I still don't think it's worth $70 that's a good $40 game easily.

Sciurus_vulgaris66d ago

A lot of AAA titles are 10-15 hrs in length. Especially AAA games that aren’t RPGs or open-world. I don’t think Kena’s playtime needs any special praise.

Game-o-holic65d ago

Well put. The playtime seems pretty normal. The game looks great, write articles about that.

alb189966d ago

This game looks beautiful, I'm very interested.

NeoGamer23266d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Ya, we have to be careful not to build it up or knock it down at this point. Proof will be when we get a lot more gameplay or when the game actually ships.

Atticus_finch66d ago

This game looks very promising. I can't wait.

NobleRed66d ago

Hopefully there's a disc version day one.

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