Space Punks is a Borderlands-Style Early Access Game, Founders Packs Now Available

Borderlands is a fantastic "loot shooter" series, but it's also a first-person shooter. What are gamers who can't enjoy FPS games to do? Enter Flying Wild Hog, whose new early access co-op game Space Punks looks just like Borderlands but with a third-person perspective. The game is Epic Games Store exclusive but will eventually come to consoles as well. It will eventually be free to play, but you can buy Founders Packs right now on the Epic Games Store.

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TheRealTedCruz94d ago

I love twin stick shooters, and there's just something "meh" feeling on this one.

camel_toad94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

It's a misleading title and snippit paragraph saying it's basically a 3rd person borderlands. More like a borderlands style Diablo clone.

While yes it's 3rd person it's not a 3rd person game in the typical sense. They refer to these types of games as isometric. When someone hears third person in gaming terms they think of games like the witcher, tomb raider, ratchet and clank etc.

But more OT this looks pretty generic.