More Mass Effect images

Five brand new screenshots straight from Bioware H.Q.

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FeralPhoenix5712d ago

Mass Effect is looking very good....I'm expecting "great things" from this one. The Commander is like a "super" Captain Kirk exploring the Galaxy and kicking ass and that "dynamic" communication options between all the charachters is pretty cool. Can't wait.

DJ5712d ago (Edited 5712d ago )

Graphically it's fairly solid, but nothing special. Hopefully they'll put more than 3 or 4 characters in these scenes.

PS360PCROCKS5712d ago (Edited 5712d ago )

I have to disagree as well man. Look at the third picture, it's look absolutely fantastic. The trees in the background look very realistic. I also think personally the characters are on par or slightly better than in GOW

EDIT: DJ click the pictures as well, it actually changes alot, it kinda zooms in, their not full size unless you click them.

TheMART5712d ago

Ofcourse DJ, would we expect anything else from you saying about a 360 game?

Go walk off to the PS3 games. Virtua Tennis for instance. Where the PS3 has no online features.

There you have the dullness you're obviously searching for.

MyNameIsNotRick5712d ago

Keep em coming. You are the funniest thing on this site. Hilarious.

MoonDust5712d ago (Edited 5712d ago )

Very special, better than GOW. This will be the next big game for the 360. AAA.

PS360PCROCKS5712d ago

Psst, Killzone 2 will KILL this game, it wipe the floor clean with this game. Killzone will also, wipe your ass, do your dishes and than make love to you at night

Ota5712d ago (Edited 5712d ago )

These are some good stills. If animated well and being voiced decently...

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The story is too old to be commented.