Battlefield-like shooter World War 3 back from the dead with a very promising update

World War 3's long-awaited overhaul has been in the works for over a year, and The Farm 51 is finally ready to show it off.

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Konopelski509d ago

World War 3, the indie shooter from Chernobylite developer The Farm 51, was one multiplayer shooter Battlefield fans were especially excited to play. The game replicates much of what Battlefield is known for, and, in the absence of a recent modern military Battlefield, many looked to WW3 to scratch the same itch.

CorndogBurglar509d ago

I'll definitely keep an eye on it. Battlefield has been pretty bad for a few years now. BF4 wws the last great BF game, and I don't expect 2042 to go back to its roots. But we'll see.

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