The stories are true - the pirate version of Resident Evil Village improves performance

From Digital Foundry: "The recent story surrounding the notion of a pirate, DRM-free 'cracked' version of Resident Evil Village out-performing Capcom's launch code had me in turns fascinated and horrified. I can accept that anti-piracy measures are a necessity, and I can equally accept that their sophistication these days may have a certain level of CPU overhead. However, putting out a game that has performance issues because of the DRM crosses a red line - it's something that a developer or publisher absolutely should not do. And yet, I can confirm that Resident Evil Village on PC in its cracked form does run smoother than the flawed official release."

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Mr Logic74d ago

Paying customers get the shaft. Awesome...

DarkZane74d ago

Developers and publishers should stop using DRM altogether. A lot of people pirate a game just because it has DRM that reduces performance. I was going to buy this on sale, but now that I know performance is better pirated, I'd rather buy it on PS5 or just pirate it.

Ratty74d ago

Yeah it's definitely annoying. I had that issue with the first Mass Effect on PC. DRM sometimes prevented the game from booting or I think it even kicked me out of the game while I was playing sometimes. There's something very wrong when a software's security prevents you from using the software you 100% legally purchased.

masterfox74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

One of the main reasons why I dont buy first releases of AAA PC games or just wait for a sale.

Sidewinder-74d ago

Chalk up another one for why DRM sucks. How do these companies continue to MAKE money? haha

XxINFERNUSxX74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

EMPRESS to the rescue 😀 Don't forget CPY, CODEX, RELOADED, DEViANCE, and FAiRLiGHT which they have been around since the late 80's. That's just a handful there are so many more. I find it funny that hackers are able to crack the game and make it run so much better. Good job Capcom, I say stay off the PC or just let someone else develop your games, without your shit DRM. Yes I torrented the game, but really did not like how the menu was so dumb to navigate, Alex @ DF mentioned this in his PC analysis of the game. Uninstalled it, was not feeling the game at all.

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