Monark by Shin Megami Tensei Developers for PS5, PS4, Switch, & PC Reveals Brand New Gameplay

Today Furyu showcased a further look at the upcoming school JRPG Monark, including exploration gameplay, battle, and customization.

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phoenixwing97d ago

I might buy this. Seems kind of like legend of heroes and shin megami got mixed

Seraphim97d ago

I'm very likely going to give it a shot but I'm still on the fence. The game, considering the developers past work, has potential; plus I love the bunny mascot. Any great RPG needs a good mascot. While trivial I do wish the command screen was a different color and/or presented better. Maybe it'll make more sense when I read more or play the game but I just feel it doesn't really fit the game. Regardless that's not a game breaker. Anyway, definitely looking forward to seeing more of and on Monark. I hope the developers deliver a solid-great game/RPG.

persona4chie97d ago

I love how every article i see about this game, starts with “Monark by shin megami tensei developers”

ScootaKuH97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Maybe the game itself really is called Monark by Shin Megami Tensei Developers 🤣

ZeekQuattro97d ago

Is it any different from movie trailers that say from the producer's or makers of such and such? I dont see what the problem is.