Microsoft drops major hint on Crackdown sequel

Microsoft's given a less than subtle hint that a sequel to Realtime World's beloved open-city 360 shooter, Crackdown, is a little more than fantasy.

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RainOfTerror3602d ago

how is this "major hints" ? All the article recaps is Major Nelson saying the community wants a sequel, and the other party saying it's their favorite game.

Not sure what the actual podcast says, but the quotes in the not-so-news article certainly have no hints, let along "major" hints, nothing but speculation.

Yes the game was a success, and a sequel might very well happen somewhere down the line, but this article confirms jack.

Counter_ACT3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

The first one was terrible. I'd like to see how another one performs without a halo 3 beta code!

mikeslemonade3602d ago

Infamous is greater than Crackdown plus Prototype.

Capt CHAOS3602d ago

Crackdown was a superb game, have recommended it to a few people and they've all loved it after buying it. You obviously didn't give this game the time it deserved.

gaffyh3602d ago

Crackdown sucks, I've put it in my 360 twice and got bored of it very quickly. The game looks really really crap graphically (it could have easily been done on PS2), the only reason people bought this game was for the exclusive halo 3 beta on it.

bumnut3602d ago

The graphics were better than gta4.

much more going on and a better framerate.

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timmyrulz3602d ago

The first one is one of the most under rated games around, it was fun, addictive one of the best games to be finely balanced with the achievements. And the two player co-op made it even better.

This time around it needs to have a bit more variety on the missions tho.

caladbolg7773602d ago

And maybe bosses could be more than just normal baddies with lots of health?

Lou-Cipher3602d ago

crackdown is one of the best if not the best 360 games out.

If this does come out it will a very good thing, but RainOfTerror makes a very good point about this article not really giving any hints.

I would love to be able to play a sequel to the first Crackdown, but I just don't see it happening any time soon based on what the developers have said.(but who knows)

Dark_Vendetta3602d ago

Agree once again. Crackdown was real fun. I have to admit that I only bought it for the halo3 beta but ended up loving this game

Dareaver13601d ago

Crackdown was awesome. I bought it, and i think it was totally underrated. The game is a true sandbox game. That was one of it's downsides, the bosses could be killed in any fashion.

I killed the last boss by hitting him with two rocket laucher missiles that blew him off the building. It ended so quickly, but the game was still amazing. And i think the graphics were absolutely superb.

I really hope they make a sequel. I've been waiting for this.

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3602d ago
Chrissy3602d ago

Ohh baby!! 2009 looking good. Cant wait till they announce the full 09 lineup at GDC or CES.

heyheyhey3602d ago

CES? who the fvck announces games at CES? it's for consumer electronics...

oh yeah just like MS was going to announce some killer games this year at all the conventions? and what happened?... Viva Pinata 2

please, at most you'll get Forza 3 and some sh!tty Rare games

Chrissy3602d ago

Smart companies who know how to surprise their fanbase. Obviously you dont know that since your company of choice only attends E3 and yet somehow still menages to bomb there. Also announcing Forza 3 and a rare game is much better than announcing a TOP SECRET GAME plus a nother shaitty GT HD remake.

''oh yeah just like MS was going to announce some killer games this year at all the conventions? and what happened?... Viva Pinata 2

Retardetion. Unbelievable

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