Pivotal Decisions in Gaming History - Sega Snubs Sony

When Sega of Japan turned down a hardware partnership with Sony it created two monsters; one outside, one within.

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Sonic-and-Crash71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

whoever underestimated Sony ..was consumed immediately after by Playstation

i most enjoyed the Nintendo case though , as they tried a cheap ass move cooperating with Philips and trying to create a console that would have the best western developers on it lolol (japan dev already had turned their back to Nintendo ...

and imo created after that the most failed Nintedo system N64 (yes i know the majority of opinions that N64 is legendary ) ....

but literally and honestly is Not ...far inferior specs than PS1 and far less and worse games ..... Mario 64 was a joke in comparison to Crash Bandicoot.......this is now an undeniable fact that a lot of industry veterans start to accept


Mario 64 is inferior to what now?

Sonic-and-Crash71d ago

dont ask me ....ask Nintendo who stole SSnake , Kazuya , Cloud , Sephiroth,Belmont basically all the legacy of Playstation (and probably in the future Crash) to make Smash bros interesting


Yeah I don’t follow your logic there. Just because they didn’t have 50 Nintendo characters for a fighter, doesn’t mean any PlayStation game was better than Mario 64.

EasilyTheBest71d ago

"Mario 64 was a joke in comparison to Crash Bandicoot"
Please tell me your joking about. That has got to be the most wrong thing I've heard in years.
Only on N4G. lol


Exactly, Mario 64 was one of the greatest games of all time. Devs still to this day look back on it for some inspiration on how 3D games should be made for consoles and PC. This is taken right from Wiki. "Super Mario 64 has been placed high on "the greatest games of all time" lists by many reviewers"

ThinkThink71d ago

I believe fans on all sides can agree on this lol

Knightofelemia71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

@ Sonic-and-Crash

N64 wasn't a failure it has games in it's library that were better then some of Playstations games. Legend of Zelda, Mario 64, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Golden Eye, Banjo Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Diddy Kong Racing, Super Smash Bros anything pumped out by Rare was a great game on the N64. Companies preferred the Playstation over N64 because it was cheaper to put out a disc over the price of producing a cartridge. And a disc could hold more then a cartridge some games had to be compressed to fit on a single cart like RE2. And the Playstation was easier to develop for over the N64. N64 did not fail as you say it does have a cult following. And is one system that people like to collect more I'd say over PS1 in some ways. Reliability wise an N64 will out last a disc based system due to the laser dying in the machines. I have seen pretty shitty N64's broken on Ebay quick cleaning maybe swap of parts and it runs like new out of the box again. Also N64 themed consoles seem to be even more highly collective over a PS1 like the Pikachu themed N64, the coloured N64's, I remember one PS1 that is highly sought after and that's the black PS1. For a system to fail then why is it highly sought after by fans to collect both games and themed consoles again the N64 never failed.

4U2NV71d ago

Starfox 64 was an amazing game too the amount of hours i spent in 4 player multiplayer must of been about 3 years straight lol

DRIV3R70d ago

By your own reasoning, would you consider the Dreamcast a "success?" It too had great and unique games, a cult following, games were still being made for it long after Sega pulled the plug on it.

At the end of the day, N64 only sold a little over 32 million consoles, a sizeable drop from the SNES, Nintendo ended up not being the market leader that gen, it spurred off third party developers, something Nintendo had to mend decades onwards after the N64, it also lacked certain genres (2D games, RPGs), and the price of games on the PS1 were considerably far cheaper than N64 games.

curtain_swoosh71d ago

graphically yes, crash was better, but id say Mario was just as much fun if not more haha.

isarai71d ago

Playstation is my favorite out of the current big 3, and crash is great, but not comparable to mario dude. Not even similar games besides being platformers they are structured very differently

PrimeVinister71d ago

Yeah, Mario 64 was really influential in a way that Crash was not.

And I loved Crash back in the day but it hasn't the same esteem as SM64

Sonic-and-Crash71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

what Crash implemented back then in visulas , music and mechanics .....are implemented now by Nintnedo to create Mario Odyssey ......dont fool your self by Nostalgia or Nintnedo hype ....Mario 64 was remake of Super Mario World just for N64 nothing more

Hamzilla7771d ago

umm mario 64 was not a remake of smw give your small brain a shake like wow.....

PrimeVinister71d ago

N64 had a lot of problems but Mario 64 wasn't one of the them.

JTShiny71d ago

"Mario 64 was a joke in comparison to Crash Bandicoot"
Not a fan of Nintendo nor Mario but this is a reach.

brewin71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Lol. Final Fantasy 7 made PlayStation viable. Until then it was the McDonalds of gaming whereas Nintendo had the home-cooked soul food. It may have taken a bit longer to prep and cook, but it was worth the wait and you didn't feel yucky afterwards. Final Fantasy 7 completely changed gaming and PlayStation forever. But N64 was great, you can't even compare Crash fucking Bandicrap to Mario 64! GTFO with that twisted history flamebait BS.

Sealed Mario 64 just sold for $1.5 million. Ps1 Crash disc can be found at a local pawn shop for 50 cents lol. Crash was so great that Sony let Activision buy it.

shinoff218370d ago

I feel your a little wrong on a few accounts. First this was Sony's first console. Nintendo was already a household name. So of course it took a hair bit of time to get a foothold in the industry.

Second kinda joking but a new sealed crash 1 game is a bit more then 50 cents. Maybe look it up next time

4U2NV71d ago

Lol really? Id like proof to support this 'fact'

Minute Man 72171d ago

The only thing inferior for the N64 was cartridge

Old McGroin71d ago

@ Sonic-and-Crash

"Mario 64 was a joke in comparison to Crash Bandicoot"

Here! Take my downvote and gtfo 😂

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darthv7271d ago

the weird part that I have yet to really understand is when Steve Race left Sega to go work for Sony, it was as if he had a grudge against Kalinske. Popping the sonic balloons that were around the pool at E3 and Tom even asked him to stop messing around but he wouldnt.

So Id like to know why he left in the first place? Tom was trying to broker the deal between Sega and Sony but it was JP who said no. It wasn't Tom's fault things didnt proceed and Steve was very unprofessional in how he treated his former boss and company.

PrimeVinister71d ago

I had heard about the balloon popping and snippy comments but not about any REALLY bad blood between Race and his former employers. I must look it up.

strayanalog71d ago

From my understanding: After Kalinske's fall out with Sega of Japan over the Sony deal, there was far less faith in Sega of America, who had basically been doing what they wanted for 4 years, so Steve Race, being sour towards Sega's decision making then on and tired of his ideas being second quessed, leapt at the chance to work with Sony and its PlayStation when they came knocking.

Race would then leave SCEA just six weeks before the big launch - rumors of that departure were marketing disagreements.

darthv7271d ago

So he really wasnt bitter towards SoA (and Tom) but instead SoJ. And yet he took out his frustrations at Sega (in general) at E3 with the whole shenanigans and just going up and saying the $299 price as a way to dig at Sega (JP), but it was SoA that felt it more.

Agent7571d ago

I remember first seeing the PS in EGM magazine in 1993/94 and thought it was a hoax. At the time, the Mega Drive and SNES was still going strong. Sony and NAMCO showing off Ridge Racer and Tekken, things started to heat up. As much as l loved the Saturn and N64, both consoles got trampled by the PS. But Sony was sneaking about well before the PS. Sony Imagesoft and Sony’s hand in the production of the Mega CD put them in good stead.

kayoss71d ago

Remember, Sony just wanted a small piece of the pie in the gaming business. Like the article stated, they dont have any experienced in the Gaming business. So they were hoping to lean on Nintendo or Sega a bit. But instead of having a partnership with Sony, they gave Sony a violent shoved into the gaming business. Where they literally still dominates today. Incredible story.

kayoss71d ago

So Nintendo and Sega are responsible for creating this monster that is the Playstation. Just imagine "What if.." either sega or Nintendo didnt reject Sony. how the gaming landscape would look like today.

Thundercat7771d ago

I can't imagine. Nintendo wouldn't have approved most of Sony's games. We would be using an underpowered console right now.

specialguest71d ago

I'm glad history played out the way it did regarding the inception of Playstation. However, it sucks that Sega died out as a console maker due to mismanagement along with other reasons

PrimeVinister71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

The change in public taste aspect in often understated.

Sega's strengths were intense, graphically impressive arcade-style action games with little depth. By the mid-90s the public's preference was changing away from that and by the time Dreamcast rolled around they still hadn't adjusted to the expectations of deeper, longer-lasting home console experiences.

In fact, Shenmue was Sega trying to do a non-arcade experience and it dug them deeper in the financial hole they were in. They just didn't have the experience with that style. Suzuki himself was a coin-munching legend with zero 'long game' credits behind him and they didn't see and issue in handing him a blank cheque and a far-off deadline.

P.S. Sega had RPGs but many were a response to Nintendo or filling holes in their lineup. They were followers in this style of game. As opposed to innovators in arcade-style gaming.