Microsoft looking to "break the bank" at E3 2009

Microsoft is planning to talk about plans beyond 2009's Christmas season at next year's E3, MGS boss Phil Spencer has said, talking in the latest Major Nelson podcast.

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TOO PAWNED3629d ago

Well it is not impossible, they have not show anything on last E3, and when you think about it, what else do they have for 2009?
Alan Wake latest trailer was running on PC, is there 360 version at all? in late 08 running on PC, how much more time do they need to port it to 360? Will it ever come to 360?
Besides that is one game, new IP that could be great or big flop, what else do they have?
It could really happend and if it does i can only imagine how late 360 adopters would feel.

NO_PUDding3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Hahah it's a lie.

The ONLY thing worth mentioning at MS's E3 this year is a game set for 2010 at the earliest. If it ever does when the dev team doesn't really want to do it.

And we don't know if Sony's E3 was teasing games in the next year. I think we will see God of War 3, 2009. And we'll see Infamous, and we've already got R2 and LBP. Not that R2 matters.

Foxgod3629d ago

O RLY, at last e3 they announced GeOw2, and that came out last month, so how sure are you that they will show a game that comes out in 2010

Especially since MS claims they wont show titles years ahead anymore.

TOO PAWNED3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, Infamous, MAG, next ratchet, Uncharted 2 are just a FEW games that Sony has in store for 09.
This is not fanboyish BS from my part, but lets be honest here for a second, what else does MS have in store other than Halo Wars(RTS) and HALO ODST that isnt even a full game? Alan Wake most likely wont even be released 09 or 360 for that matter.

NO_PUDding3629d ago

They didn't announce it.

They showed a level.

You know, like how Sony showed two of their games for this holiday season?

Foxgod3629d ago

on IGN i count about 20 exclusives for next year, i aint gonna list them because its lame, go to ign yourself and look at the releases list, and add to that the MS has a new policy of only announcing games that come out that very same calendar year.

I trust that MS will have a very decent exclusive lineup next year.

callahan093629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Foxgod, your facts aren't straight and don't support your point. Gears of War 2 was not announced at E3 in July, it was announced at Game Developer's Conference in February.

Foxgod3629d ago

Okay, a mistake then, but still, it was announced in 2008, and released in 2008.

Expect MS to continue that trend of announcing games that come out the same year.

SuperM3629d ago

360 always gets alot of crap exclusives from devs that dont afford or just arent able to make games on the PS3 aswell. Thats why 360 has a hell of alot more vaporware then PS3. Basically what im trying to say here is that numbers dont count for nothing, its the games that count. So far not many BIG titles has been announced for 360 for next year. PS3 has many big titles on the way. We'll just see how it all pans out, but its looking good for PS3 owners.

Fallen_Angel3629d ago

Wow another 360 that is over run by ps3 fanboys in fact dont think I seen a single post that isnt py a ps3 fanboy. You think with 06, 07 , 08 and now 09 all being so call years of the ps3 that they be to busy playing game to be on here. Oh wait I forgot you all are still waiting for games that were announced back in oh 04. I guess the only game the ps3 has is the waiting game.

whoelse3628d ago

Sony dont simply delay games. They delay games and make them far better!

SixZeroFour3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

but if you think about it...if you keep delaying a game just to make it better and better it'll never come out

its like my bro...he keeps find the next best cell phone and when it comes out he sees a new one that he wants and doesnt even bother with the other one and its been happening for the past 2 years with him with the "storm" and "curve"

devs should just release the game if ppl already think its above average and start on their next project with the things that they would have like to put in the other game...or else, the next next gen console will come out and then they have to switch up and start to learn/make it for that console and the whole process comes full circle

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Foxgod3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

goodie, cant wait, i was excited to hear that one of the very few ps3 games i wanted to play came to the 360.
Hopefully MS will show the supposed metal gear clone that they claimed to have in development earlier this year.

Keep dreaming....

TOO PAWNED3629d ago

And i cant wait to play Gears 3 on my PS3, know how you feel.

AngryHippo3629d ago more about 360 and its games than they care about their PS3's?!

@Too_Pawned, 'Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, Infamous, MAG, next ratchet, Uncharted 2 are just a FEW games that Sony has in store for 09.' Sorry but wasnt this article about the 360?!

'Heavy Rain, Infamous, MAG', I agree with what you said,'new IP that could be great or big flop'. How about using that same logic with new IP's on Sony's part too instead of just Alan Wake?!

'This is not fanboyish BS from my part', that was a joke right?!

Right these are very simple questions, see if you can actually answer it without sprouting 'fanboyish BS',

1. Why do you care?
2. Why does it bother you so much?
3. If 360 has nothing for '09 surely thats good for you and your beloved PS3, is it not?

I think maybe, '09 will hold just a few surprises. Lets try wait and see before talking bs.

militant073629d ago

wasnt gears of war 1,5 ??
and the online experience sucks

or its diffrent when its played on ps3 ??

lame fanboys

gaffyh3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

@AngryHippo - It's just you lol.

Seriously though, you can say the same for fanboys on both sides e.g Omega4, POG, Bladestar, TheMart and for PS3 side of things Nasim (and some others but I can't think of any names)


Also for 360 side you've got Saint Sony (he's new), LaChance, and Monchichi025 (but he's not THAT bad)

Darkseider3629d ago

Metal Gear Clone.. LOL! Metal Gear - Kojima = FAIL. Kinda like the OS X clone known as Vista/Windows 7 = FAIL. Microsoft couldn't come up with anything original if they tried hard. Oooh nevermind they did!

Microsoft BOB:

Rated one of the 25 worst products of ALL TIME. MS just fails more and more as time goes on. From the PC front to the gaming front and everything in between.

Foxgod3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

O Rly, just because its a similar game doesnt mean its instant fail.

Final fantasy - Dragon Quest
Street fighter - mortal kombat
Mario - Sonic
Tekken - Dead or alive
Quake - unreal
GTA - Mafia

And there is loads more examples, theres hundreds of games out there that are based on another game.
So dont yap smack on a game you even havent seen yet.

And MS got plenty of succesful games
Age of empires
Jade empire
Halo wars
perfect dark
flight simulator
project gotham
mass effect

All highly succesfull products that came from under the wings of MS
And there is loads more...

ultimolu3628d ago

" more about 360 and its games than they care about their PS3's?!"

The same could be said about 360 owners. They care about PS3 games flopping in sales and in metacritic.

That's a hypocritical statement.

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Fishy Fingers3629d ago

Thought MS policy was to only show games coming within that calender year? Be good to see what they have planned. Sony should have quite a lot of big playable titles at E3 next year. I hope all of them go all out for this E3. Last year was pretty tame.

NO_PUDding3629d ago

When they ahven't got anythign planned, then you ahve to go further into the future.

AngryHippo3629d ago

...'When they ahven't got anythign planned, then you ahve to go further into the future.', Great comment there.

Killzone 2005, trailer shown, released 4 years later in '09. Home, was it in '06 or '07 it was shown. Full release this year hopefully?! Guess thats the way Sony has been things throughout the PS3's life isn't it.

Can someone tell me, with all thats been shown so far on the likes of MAG and God of War 3 and GT5, going on Sony's technique of show stuff well in advance (years) of release dates, how confident are you that these will release in '09?

NO_PUDding3629d ago

And as we established man... Sony didn't ahve anythign for a logn while. it looks like 2009 can't be a disappointment even if we onyl get Infamous and Killzone 2.

Microsoft Xbox 3603629d ago

Again. This is false hope for my sorry xbots. Nothing to look forward to but DLC.

Arsenal4Ever3629d ago

They've started theor trouble again. Ready to steal more games it seems.

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