Max Payne 3 Was the Peak of Third-Person Shooters

Dormant for ten years, the Max Payne franchise seemingly bowed out with a sunset finale. Max Payne 3 was the peak of third-person shooters.

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MadLad686d ago

Might very well be my favorite 3rd person shooter.

Abear21686d ago

How they haven’t remastered this yet is criminal

SenorFartCushion686d ago

The only contemporary Rockstar game not to be ported in some way

zeuanimals686d ago

The one thing it's missing is skippable cutscenes. I'd play it all the time if it had them. Gunplay and physics are so satisfying. Real shame Rockstar didn't take this formula and adapt it for their other games. Just imagine if GTAV and RDR2 had these mechanics. Diving into a saloon with two revolvers, taking out everyone before I hit the ground. That would've been amazing.

Dandizzle686d ago

Played on pc recently and I was able to skip cutscenes

zeuanimals686d ago

@Dandizzle: Whaaaaaa? Is that with a new update? Guess I know what I'm playing forever now.

barom686d ago

Really? It wasn’t even the peak of the franchise, let alone 3rd person shooters.

mudakoshaka686d ago

Thank you! I have not played the 3rd one, but I remember when it came out that people were not even remotely close to loving Max Payne 3 as much as they loved Max Payne 2, and that is why I never played it. I already knew, when I heard that Finnish developer Remedy was not going to do Max Payne 3, that the game will not be on level with Max Payne 2. MP1 is a classic but feels sluggish when played today, Max Payne 2 still holds to this day!

barom685d ago

Yeah it was honestly a pretty average experience. I played through Max Payne 3 and finished it, I barely even remember it except for slow mo while sliding down a skyscraper and sliding on some food carts but that's it. Not very memorable.

Max Payne the original on the other hand, I remember quite a bit, the comic book style story telling (including the bj), the story about the family (trying not to spoil it), the mindf5ck at the end, and heck I even remember the Kung Fu mod for it. Max Payne is a classic, Max Payne 3 is forgettable.

mudakoshaka685d ago

@barom I couldn’t agree more on what you said about the first game. I really loved the dream sequences in both MP1 and MP2. I was just a kid when the games came out, but I found the backstory about the family and the dark parts to be what made the game amazing. Great soundtrack and the atmosphere in the game.

1Victor686d ago (Edited 686d ago )

Starhawk and Warhawk was better 3rd person shooters than that no over bloated story just pure shooting madness and team fun.
I would pay full price for a remaster of ether or both of them he’ll even just a small graphic cleaning and new servers would do for me 🥺
Btw I’m not saying that this game was bad in any way just that I had more fun in those shooters than this game

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FPS_D3TH686d ago

Yup, hands down the best third person shooter to exist. Shame we haven’t got a sequel or even a remake of the first two

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jcole97686d ago

Man I wish this game was backwards compatible on xbox

SenorFartCushion686d ago

Isn’t it the only one to not be ported from their catalog?

jcole97686d ago

Yeah. Pretty much all rockstar games are there except for max payne 3

Duke19686d ago

Seriously - the bullet time slow motion in those games was incredible. Im shocked we havent seen similar implementations in games since then