Xbox Live Logo Replaced With a New One On Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store has updated to remove the Xbox Live logo with a new branding that matches the current Xbox Series X/S Optimized logo.

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sourOG67d ago

Finally got a series x today I pick it up next week. I’m hyped to see what it’s about. Now instead of buying a few games like hades I can just buy gamepass.

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PappyQ67d ago

Welcome aboard! I did Xbox all access and got a series s, game pass ultimate for $26/month. Works great and I use xcloud when I don't have tv access.

sourOG67d ago

I hate those payment plans I have enough bills lol. I’m also ocd with debt, I have to pay it off immediately if I’m able lol. Do you need gamepass ultimate for xcloud? I’d rather buy 12 months or gamepass than ultimate but I’m cool with either.

Lore67d ago

Isn’t it more expensive in the long run to do a payment plan through them?

itsmebryan66d ago

No it's 0% . You don't pay extra

blacktiger66d ago

0% sure but if you miss or late, counts as late payment and can consider debt through agents, once it go through ur fkced and won't able to get a house and such, is which the government wants.

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I recommend attaching the Microsoft Rewards app to your Home Screen. Easy money for playing games/getting achievements 👍

sourOG67d ago

Will do thanks. I looked on the phone app and it says I have 402 points. How much do you need to buy shit?

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Father Murder X67d ago

Why do you have 6 disagrees? The Sony Defense Force strikes again!!

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John_McClane67d ago

Congrats on getting a Series X! I believe game pass is one of he best deals in gaming!

Highrevz67d ago

Make sure you look into getting Gamepass for as cheap as possible. If you don’t currently have an active GPU subscription then buy anything up to 36 months of Xbox Gold from CDKeys or the cheapest place in your region before converting into GPU.

If you need more info feel free to DM me and id help explain it more.


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Zerobalance66d ago

I have series S with GamePass plumbed with Samsung 1440 120Hz TV & I'm ready. Xbox network really had to go.