Sniper Elite VR - Review - Jump Dash Roll

Sniper Elite VR lets you get even closer to the gruesome action, but is that enough to pick it up? JDR conducts a forensic examination for today's review.

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Abnor_Mal71d ago

I haven't started playing yet, but it sounds like the author played thr game like any other shooter and didn't really take time to snipe, move, and snipe again.

"Making matters worse, each of the eighteen missions is around ten to twenty minutes long on average. In most of them, you can just grab an assault rifle and full auto the majority of scoundrels who get in your way"

Also comparing it to thr PS1 Medal of Honor games because it has checkpoints doesn't really make a lot of sense to me, as I don't understand what was expected, maybe a save anywhere feature to help speed through the level. But if your complaints are that the levels are short why rush through.

I will see for myself this weekend, but I think this score is a bit low compared to what I've read in other articles. Sniper Elite Lite, really?