10 Best Handheld Game Consoles Ranked by Sales

Since the 80's there have been great handheld consoles, but which is the best one? Here are the 10 best handheld consoles ranked by sales.

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locomorales685d ago (Edited 685d ago )

I'm not sure if I'm overinterpreting the title of the article, but it seems strange to me that a top 10 handheld console ranking is a top 10 best selling handheld ranking.

For me the title should be, as there is no mention in the article that the author thinks these are the top 10 handheld consoles and that they ranked them by sale:

"Top 10 best selling handheld game consoles".

VenomUK684d ago (Edited 684d ago )

I agree. A bestselling list is separate from a best quality list.

Wow, the DS man it sold 154 million! The Switch will hit 100 million this year and I think could have legs enough to beat the PS4 sales by the end of next year.

Orpheo685d ago

Nintendo's Switch is on this list, but shouldn't be. The Switch is neither a standard console nor a handheld, but a hybrid of the two, which places it into its own unique category.

RPGer685d ago

It is a handheld. Just calm down and get the lite which is very handheld and saving us from wording playing od Nintendo fans. That thing have zero commons with any console that ever existed. Is uses full handheld screen, you can absolutely play all games on the go (except very few inferior games), it has battery, it has momery card and not Drives etc. Just because it has dock mode doesn't mean it is console, Vita can play on TVs. Phones as well via adapters, docks or wireless, and laptops.

Every arguments which Switch fans they bring up "on the go". Japanese people buying it to play Mario, Zelda and Pokemon while on transportations like buses and trains (really thousands). It is a hybird portable that can be played on TV. Literally you can have Switch without a screen at all, so it is a portable like PSP and 3Ds.

Orpheo681d ago

While Nintendo's Switch Lite is a purely portable platform, the original Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console, there's no denying that. For the sales comparison to be genuine, therefore, sales between the original Switch and the Switch Lite should be split and then compared.

Also, Sony's PlayStation Vita cannot be played on a TV, computer monitor, or any other larger screen unless you hack the device; therefore, the PlayStation Vita is a purely handheld device. What you're likely thinking of is Sony's PlayStation-TV (otherwise known as the PlayStation Vita-TV). Sony's PlayStation-TV did not have a screen and so is not a portable device, but a microconsole. As such, it would be correct in counting PlayStation Vita sales in the handheld sales competition while eschewing sales of the PlayStation-TV, just like it would be correct to consider Switch Lite sales in the handheld sales competition while eschewing sales of the dockable Nintendo Switch.

Neonridr684d ago

It's whatever you want it to be really, hence the appeal. Some people dock it and never take it with them, is it still a handheld?

Orpheo681d ago

It is a hybrid of a console and a handheld, thereby warranting its own category. Just because someone has the option of using the Switch as a handheld doesn't mean that they will, and the opposite is also true. Nintendo's Switch Lite, which is undockable, purely a handheld and so would fit in the sales comparison. Sales numbers would then have to be split between the original Switch and the Lite, and only the Lite's numbers used for a fair comparison to be made.

Profchaos684d ago (Edited 684d ago )

It's a handheld that you can dock. PSP could do this and Sega Game gear could do this.

It's more that they designed a dock that works really well as a selling point to justify it being underpowered compared to the pro and one x

Yui_Suzumiya684d ago

I have the lite so it's just for portable gaming for me. I have a PS3 and PS4 for big screen gaming.

Agent75684d ago

The PSP was a handheld that could be plugged into a TV. The Switch is no different. Big screen gaming on the PSP back in 2005/06, you could say Nintendo snatched the idea of Sony.

ZeekQuattro684d ago

I mean you could plug a cartridge into the SNES and play Game Boy games on TV with added colors in 1994. Nintendo might of gotten the idea from someone else but it certainly wasnt Sony. Lmao

Orpheo681d ago

There is a major difference here.

The original PlayStation Portable was launched in North America in 2005 with no ability to output video to a TV. It wasn't until Sony's second revision with the PSP-2000 series that video and sound were able to be sent to a larger screen via the PSP composite, S-video, and component cables. This second revision was released 2 years after the original model. Even then, the cables and handheld units were never bundled together outside of special store promotions as the cables were considered purely as accessories, not part of the main system.

In the case of Nintendo's Switch, this is completely different. Every dockable Switch comes standard with a dock. This is because the Switch dock is not an optional accessory, but part of the main package. In fact, that is why this iteration of Nintendo's system is called the "Switch," because it can switch between console and handheld modes. This makes the Switch neither truly a console or a handheld device, but a hybrid of the two. This is in contrast to the Switch Lite, which is purely a handheld. If only Switch Lite numbers were used for the sales comparison, then that would be accurate.

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autobotdan684d ago

Nokia Ngage the 2nd greatest handheld game console of all time. 2nd only to the legendary Tiger Electronic handheld Double Dragon 2 the Revenge

thecodingart684d ago (Edited 684d ago )

This article has a ton of inaccuracies… like the actual sales numbers

specialguest684d ago

The Turbo Express was way ahead of its time. It was literally a handheld console that played the same TG16 hu-card. It never took off, because of the high price tag and the TG16 eventually dying out

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