15 Years Later, Persona 3 Laid the Groundwork For Future Persona Success

On the game's 15th anniversary, Persona 3 overhauled and reimagined the spin-off series into its own unique JRPG worthy of its recent success.

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TheRealTedCruz71d ago

Still my favorite of the Persona series.

Teflon0271d ago

Persona 1 did... They are all persona after all...

lodossrage71d ago

Yeah but Persona 3 was when the series became a big thing.

The first 2 Persona games were pretty much lumped with every other jrpg NOT named Final Fantasy back in the day. Persona 3 FES was when the series began getting popular and an identity of its' own

BrainSyphoned71d ago

Persona 1 and 2.5 stood out because they weren't like FF back in the day and had already established the heart and soul of Persona. I'm sorry you only experience popular games.

lodossrage71d ago


Just because YOU felt they stood out doesn't mean the majority did. Back when those first two Persona games came out, they didn't get popular recognition. And that's just a straight fact. Persona 3 was when the franchise started to get mainstream appeal.

And how are you coming to this conclusion I only "experience" popular games? First of all, I OWN Persona 1 and a TON of other jrpg from the PS1 era. You should keep your assumptions to yourself when you don't have facts to back them up. GameBoyColor gets it.

GameBoyColor71d ago

Persona 1 and 2 are more SMT, and they werent even popular. I'd argue they did nothing for the series but provide a name.

lodossrage71d ago


The first games in the series were seen as nothing more than just more Shin Megami games. While they were good, they didn't have popularity

VersusDMC71d ago

Best soundtrack and story in the series for me.
Persona 3 needs a remaster so bad! Where they add the option to control your teammates and isn't solely controlled by AI(so you hope they make the right decision...) Hopefully the SMT3 remaster team has moved on to P3Fes.

Until that day i will continue to play Persona 3 Portable (psp/vita) where they added direct control to all characters but severely downgraded graphics wise.

BlaqMagiq171d ago

Absolute classic. A must play for any JRPG fan.