From the creator of X-COM, Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition is dated for Xbox and PlayStation

Neil writes: "Phoenix Point has already done the rounds on PC, but very soon it'll be coming to Xbox and PlayStation too, as the Behemoth Edition releases. That all important launch date is now known."

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CrimsonWing69307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

I'm a fan of these types of games, so I'll check it out. Not exactly kung-ho about the art direction, would've liked something less Halo/Destiny looking.

Michiel1989307d ago

same but not from this guy who sold out to epic gamestore last minute while ofcourse reaping all the kickstarter money that people gave them with the promise of a steam version. fuck that guy, im not supporting this.

arkard307d ago

They offered refunds, don't be dramatic.

Michiel1989307d ago

its the principle, if they wanted a loan they should have gone to the bank. not get it from the players with a big percentage of them expecting a steam release and give it back to them after they got enough funds to make the game and got reimbursed by epic.

CrimsonWing69307d ago

Dang, I didn’t realize that happened. Y’know, ever since Mighty No. 9 and Shenmue 3 I’ve stopped supporting kickstarters. I mean, physical copies come out for non-backers and they deal with less headaches when it comes to backer rewards.

arkard307d ago

It's on steam. Kickstarter has been used as a way to guage interest for a long time now more then to actually cover development cost. Maybe epic approaches them after seeing the kickstarter? We don't know all the details. But to me it seems like a no brain choice to take sure fire funds for a game as a starter company to cover development costs. It probably allowed then to do more with the game having the extra funds.

Again refunds were offered, so I don't see the big deal.

Michiel1989306d ago

@arkard youre not getting the point. They allready had the funds to develop the game from the kickstarter, if they didnt it would be a completely different story. but then they saw $$ signs in their eyes when epic approached them and spit on the players who initially supported and funded their game. if thats not selling out, i dont know what is.

its on steam after taking the money from epic for 1 year exclusivity. I dont think this kind of behaviour should be supported in any way. Shenmue 3 what crimson said really rubbed me the wrong way, he made this emotional trailer, playing on peoples emotions and love for the game. It was his passion project...untill epic came in.

slayernz306d ago

Michiel at the end of the day they are a business, and their prime goal is to make money. Sorry if yr feelings got hurt but they have to do whats best for their business long term. At least they tried to appease the backers by offering refunds

Michiel1989306d ago

@slayernz my feeling arent hurt. I just dont wanna support this kind of practice, and i dont think others should either, but thats not up to me ofcourse. They would have made money as well if they didnt take the epic deal, just not as much. If they want to give up their credibility for that money, fine, but i wont say anything positive about them then.
Long term customer statisfaction and loyalty is also important, unless you want to turn into actiblizzard 2.0 or some of the other companies that value money above their customers.

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