PSP Still a Vibrant Platform - Harrison

Atari didn't make a single PSP game announcement at its global showcase last week, but president Phil Harrison has dismissed concerns over support for the handheld, praising Sony's device as a "vibrant platform" and promising more titles for the future.

"We have published on PSP and I'm sure we will continue to publish on PSP; we didn't have any announcements to make today," the Atari president told Eurogamer at the London event.

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Mr_Bun3601d ago

He sure is promoting Sony a lot lately

PotNoodle3601d ago

Guess he wants his job back :P

gumgum993601d ago


What's also interesting is this new direction for Atari which seems to have a little more support for Sony's platform than before thanks to the acquisition of Phil Harrison.

he may be trying to hide it, but he does miss working at Sony.


0verdrive3601d ago

they need to bring some of them japanese psp games over there to the states. they are sure doign a lot of supporting over there.

redwingsrock3601d ago

Sony Just Buy Atari and fix it up, could be a big investment and Dbl. your 1st party studios

kwyjibo3601d ago

It's definitely one of the most vibrant homebrew platforms. I just wish Sony would give up with their futile firmware arms race.

sinncross3601d ago

If Harrison still has some desire to still work for Sony then that's his thing. i mean he was there for so many years and he did good for them. Hopefully he does good for Atari and luckily for Sony they seem to be getting a little more support from them.

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