GameCyte Review: King's Bounty The Legend

GameCyte writes: "Where do I begin? You've probably heard of King's Bounty The Legend, either as the sequel of a title long lost in the sands of time, or as a new game reminiscent of the Heroes of Might & Magic series. I'll simply try and review it on its own merits. At its core, you'll find a genre that used to be big on PC, a simple strategy-RPG. As of late though, this type of game has been far more prominent on home consoles and portables, with popular Japanese franchises like Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics. Most of these - excluding their Eastern style - have one major difference, as they only consist of battle scenes and story sequences, without giving players any opportunity for exploration. King's Bounty The Legend however, remains true to its western RPG roots, offering a vast fantasy world to explore, with a seemingly limitless amount of NPCs, quests, and loot."

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awesoem game, agree to score