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CCG writes - "Guilty Gear is a fairly unique fighting game series, in that it's a skillful blend of fighting games and anime - and the deep, complicated lore is certainly testament to that. You see, not only is there an interesting cast of characters to choose from while playing against your friends locally or online, but there is a full-blown anime built into the game, with an incredibly complex and deep lore. In order to prepare for playing this game, I watched a YouTube series, called 'GUILTY GEAR LORE: Heaven Or Hell' from WoolieVersus. (The first entry is here.) It a massive video series, blessed as accurate by Arc System Works, and adds up to almost five hours of video! And yes - this is a recap! It absolutely blew my mind how much there was to the Guilty Gear series' lore. And while much of the story is explained in-game in the form of text-based summaries, including timelines, character arcs, relationships and so on, I strongly recommend you just watch the YouTube series instead - it's excellent."

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