Report: FIFA 22 PC DRM Limits Game to One System Activation

It looks like EA has included another layer of DRM (digital rights management) protection for the recently announced FIFA 22 with a "1 machine activation limit" on PC.

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lonewolf1071d ago

EA really don't want to sell this on PC do they?

Father__Merrin71d ago

Will still people boot legging it

excaliburps71d ago

Exactly. This just added a layer of dickiness to legit buyers.

Junghova71d ago

Kinda sucks if you buy a new pc afterwards

demonseye70d ago

i wonder if this is even legal.

JustTheFax71d ago

The people who play this game gladly buy a new one every year anyway right?

Orchard71d ago

Does anyone actually buy/play this on PC? Isn't it still behind the next-gen versions in terms of visuals and features etc?

I thought this was mostly a console game.

1nsomniac71d ago

Think you’re maybe thinking of PES. They refused to update the engine on PC. FIFA gets same treatment as consoles on PC albeit pc has higher resolution and unlocked fps.

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