Forza Horizon 5 to Use Ray Tracing for Audio

Playground Games has confirmed that Forza Horizon 5 will feature ray tracing for audio.

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iplay1up274d ago

This game has so much detail. Microsoft used 1000's of pictures to put a lot of this game together. Can't wait!

CaptainHenry91674d ago (Edited 74d ago )

What about the Xbox one version

ThinkThink74d ago

It's possible but unlikely the past Gen consoles can support it unless it's done in the cloud similar to flight simulator for xbox one.

iplay1up274d ago

Current gen is here. It is time to lay xb1 and ps4 to rest. 8 years is more than enough!

coolfool73d ago

When we can all get a new console without jumping through a myriad of hoops, that's when I will personally say that the current gen is here.

CrimsonWing6973d ago

Whoa there cowboy, according to Jim Ryan cross-gen is still going to be a thing for the next 2-3 years.

patrick174d ago

You'll probably be able to play the better version via Xcloud.

stefd7574d ago

i hope so as i didnt want to buy another xbox so was hoping i can play this on my Xbox one

Tacoboto74d ago

I bet they will do what they did with cross-gen Forza Horizon 2 and use the previous iteration of the engine (with obviously lower quality assets).

iplay1up273d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Seriously? Like you even own an Xbox! Look at your history!!!😆😅

CaptainHenry91673d ago (Edited 73d ago )

What about my history? I am a PC gamer first... I was more curious about that since they said it was going to be crossgen. I feel like the Xbox one version will hold back the Series X/S and PC version. Still going to play it on windows gamepass day one.

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CobraKai74d ago

Wow. I was wondering how that works as I’m only familiar with light, but sound rebounding off of things in real time sounds like a game changer, at least audio wise.

excaliburps74d ago

Yep. It sounds like something people do not know that they want until they experience it. Haha!

dekke74d ago

its changer ? :D

Mr Logic74d ago

It's pretty cool. Returnal uses it and with good headphones hearing where stuff is bouncing around behind you is pretty damn neat.

CobraKai74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Yeah. I was blown away by Returnal’s sound design. I didn’t know it used the ray traced audio. I thought it was just 3D audio

SirBruce74d ago

iD Software have been doing this for decades... and it is common, but sound has been a secondary option for resources in games for too many years. I hope, now, with so much "free" power developers put more attention to sound.

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Lightning7774d ago

Audio Ray tracing or Project acoustics. Hopefully we'll see more use of of Project Acoustics in their games.

1Victor74d ago

Isn’t this something like 3D audio
Sound too good to be true like the power of the cloud, milo VR 🤷🏿
Well only time will tell

IRetrouk74d ago

It is 3d audio, or atleast works with it, it uses rays to bounce the sound off whatever the sound comes into contact with and direct it realistically, creating much more realistic sounding soundscapes, xbox, ps5, pc can all do this, its not a wild promise, honest.

1Victor74d ago

I saw the video in the article and thought why make stuff up like this and the tempest audio when we know it’s 3D audio btw when you’re driving you don’t hear the car sounds bounce off buildings it’s only when you’re inside a tunnel that you can hear it unless you have a modified muffler to make a lot of noice 🤷🏿 I guess you’ll be driving without windows motorcycle stile 🤦🏿

IRetrouk74d ago

I'm not really sure what you are getting at, the rays bounce the sound off all surroundings not just tunnels, you must have missed that part dude.

Raytraced audio is part of the next gen feature set, they would use tempest, atmos, sonic or whatever and then use raytracing to enhance the sounds from there.

Also have you ever driven a car?, your engine noise bounces off everything you pass, including houses, regardless of my windows being up or down, the interaction would still happen🤦‍♂️infact even the windows being up or down would also have an effect on sound using raytraced audio, the more you know eh🤷‍♂️

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