A Study Conducted by a Biology Teacher Shows that Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Educating Its Players

A video game fan and Biology teacher has conducted a survey about the nature and wildlife within Red Dead Redemption 2 that shows how the game is educating its players.

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victorMaje68d ago

1 of the things I love about the potential of games.
Not a requirement but if devs can pull it off while having the fun factor, that’s a double win in my book.

Knushwood Butt68d ago

I learned to recognize all of the plants and mushrooms in Days Gone by sight. I could name them all.

Probably couldn't do it now though.

Inverno68d ago

Low key AC style bleeding effect. Since games are more interactive than basically any other form of media there's potential to get an almost hands on approach. For slower paced games/open world/RPGs there's potential to hide very educational stuff behind some of the slower portions of a game

stupidusername68d ago

That’s cool!
I went to Athens after playing over 150 hours in Odyssey, and I could name all the monuments, the direction to most of them and the story behind them.