How to buy the right gaming console

"I am thinking of buying a console, which one do I buy?" It seems like a simple enough question, but it is a tough one to answer. Indeed, every time the query passes someone's lips and their eyes widen in anticipation, shaped with naivety, there is little we can do but take a deep breath, sigh a little and begin. "Well…

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PoSTedUP3603d ago

look at the failure rate for each one ; ) j/k

look at what gives you more bang for your buck : ) im looking at YOU Nintendo wii lol XD

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3603d ago

Buy a PS3;) It really is AMAZING ;-P

hay3602d ago

Numbers don't lie! Buy a calculator.

jcfilth3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

"Xbox 360 is the best all-round value-for-money" lol
"While we lament the quality of the hardware" lol
"Its immediate future looks strong" omg lol

"The PS3 is much more functional and mouldable to a wider range of gaming and multimedia functions, but in our opinion is currently priced too far beyond its competitors to be a superior option." this confirms that the PS3 is the best of all three consoles, that the PS3 will pass in sells the other consoles once it gets a price cut, and that we all want a Ferrari for the same price of a Honda. lol

So, according to this article:
1.The PS3 is The Best.
2.The 360 is unreliable and cheaper.
3.The Wii is for kids.

Good article.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3603d ago

KillZone 2 ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Uncharted 2: Micro$oft are Thieves ONLY on PS3 ;-P
GT5 ONLY on PS3 ;-P
God Of War 3 ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Heavy Rain:Of xBots Tears ONLY on PS3 ;-P
FF 13 Versus ONLY on PS3 ;-P
White Knight Chronicles ONLY on PS3 ;-P (Rest of the World)
Flower: For xBox 360's DEATH ONLY on PS3 ;-P
InFamous ONLY on PS3 ;-P
FF 13 (BEST Version 1st!!!) on PS3 ;-P
EyePet:pp ONLY on PS3 ;-P
New Team ICO Game ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Jak 4 ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Africa ONLY on PS3 ;-P (Rest of the World...Maybe)
Fat Princess[Gabe Newell] ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Savage Moon ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Ratchet&Clank:Searh for Clank ONLY on PS3 ;-P
DC Universe Online ONLY on PS3 ;-P
PJ:Dungeon ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Resident Evil 5 (with PS3 Exclusive Stuff) on PS3 ;-P
+LOADS of other Games and PSN Stuff!!! ;-P
etc etc...
+HOME Open beta (This year???)(+New content) ONLY on PS3 ;-P
+STILL ;-D FREEEEE internet Play!!! ;-P
+Built-in Blu-ray Player!!! ;-P (TRUE HD!!!)
+PSN Movie store (Rest of the World next year) ;-P


xBox 360 2009 Line-up -

DLC(For the DLC)

sugatmahanti3603d ago

"We should also point out that while both consoles can facilitate 1080p resolution gaming, the majority of PS3 titles are still delivered in 720p"
Wth is this true?

0verdrive3603d ago

virtually all games now-a-days are natively 720p. 1080p games are upscaled from 720p, whether it be on ps3 or xbox. the comment is a bit misleading. if a games does not support 1080p, it is because it was not coded to upscale to 1080p by programmers. so neither system really supports games in 1080p, because there are no games that run natively in 1080p.

callahan093603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I'm not sure if that's true, Overdrive.

I thought I'd read somewhere that a few of the PSN games run in 1080p? According to Wikipedia (thought it doesn't provide a source so I can't say with 100% certainty that this is true) WipeOut HD renders at a native 1080p resolution.

jcfilth3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

WipeOut HD and GT:P are 1080p, got to see them to believe them!! f*ing awesome!!

Coming next will be War Devil.

InMyOpinion3602d ago

"All games in 1080p".

Another lie from Sony. Both the 360/PS3 are capable of producing native 1080p, but only a handful of games use it.

To the expected disagreers - Here are some; Virtua Tennis 3, NBA Street: Home Court, Portal, Blue Dragon, Eternal Sonata, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. All display native 1080p on the 360.

0verdrive3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

"all of them"

you named like, 5 games. neither system has very many games that run natively in 1080p. the devs just dont have the resources to do it. look at the games you mentioned. vt3? portal? those are tiny games compared to say, gta4 or something. 720p is really the sweetspot for this generation. were not going to see 1080p native games commonly til maybe the next gen.

EDIT: at my above post, i said VIRTUALLY no games that run in 1080p natively, there are a few but most are either small games, or psn or xbla games or something.

InMyOpinion3602d ago

I don't think it has anything to do with the devs or their resources. I mean Killzone 2 has been developed for around 4 years and looks extremely good but it does not run in 1080p. Neither does Gears of War 2 or many other big name games. I think it's the hardware that can't handle it.

0verdrive3602d ago

im going to have to respectfully disagree, jenzo.

i dont want to sound like im repeating myself, but i dont think that its a hardware problem. i think that a year or two down in this generation, we will start to see 1080p native games surface. it takes a lot more to develop a game in 1080p than in 720, more high res textures etc are needed, and that takes a lot more time and money to develop. especially in this day and age where games are getting a shorter dev time and are on a tighter budget, i think that its really a development bottleneck.

in all honesty, most of what ive said is speculation, and if you can find information that proves me wrong i will concede, but from what ive gathered, it seems that a development bottleneck is more likely to me

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Microsoft Xbox 3603603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Spec vs spec? PS3 wins
Best Exclusives? PS3 wins again
Best value? PS3
Best reliability? PS3
Future proof? PS3
Free online? PS3
Superior online experience? PS3
Cheat-free online gaming? PS3
Best graphics? PS3
Region Free? PS3
Proprietary-less accessories? PS3
Wireless? PS3
Bluray enabled? PS3

It's clear as day, this is a one-sided console war.

timmyrulz3603d ago

Well if this is the case, why has the x360 a 6-7 million console advantage?

sennasnit3603d ago

probably because it's been out 14 months longer...

InMyOpinion3602d ago

Most delusional fanboys? PS3 wins again

Man_of_the_year3602d ago

Agreed. I own a PS3 and 360 and N4G does have the most delusional fanbase (judging by N4G) I have ever seen and read. But kids will be kids.

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0verdrive3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

i swear i saw this exact article a couple of days ago...

cant seem to find it though, and i dont want to spend time actually looking for it

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