Square-Enix "Westward Expansion" Little More Than A Cop-Out?

You know, at first, we were willing to give Square-Enix the benefit of the doubt and simply agree that their perceived gravitation towards Microsoft is nothing more than good business, and they're not really turning their back on long-time PlayStation loyalists. However, we're quickly moving past this theory and starting to adopt a darker, more negative outlook...

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The Killer3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

at least they should have make star ocean 4 a multiplatform and same with last remnant, delaying and making something good is better than rushing to make the game come in the holiday season and it sucks(this is by the way MS way of doing things)

i really doubt SE will have any success with 360! and r SE forgetting that there is 15+million ps3 in the west?? or that doesn't matter?

i wont be surprised if they go bankrupt any time soon!!

white knight chronicles FTW, i also heard there is 5 RPGs currently in development internally in sony!!

Kamikaze1353605d ago

Gives them time to fix it. Tri-Ace doesn't seem to like the PS3, so maybe they're trying to convince SE to keep it exclusive?

Neoraf3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

aawww... Fanboys...

Open your eyes.
If you want to play SquareEnix games, just go buy a 360 and stop complaining.

The PS1 and PS2 fans assumed that Sony would always be there for them. What a sad corporate attachment.

I own a PS3, I own a 360, and I get all the games I want.
Stop crying.

Lucreto3605d ago

I would but one but the 360 doesn't provide value for money. I am a trainee accountant and I need to search for the best possible value for the clients and for me I want a machine to replace some out fo date machine and it has all the bells and whistles.

360 is a bog standard machine that has possible 3 or 4 top selling games.

Anyway it is down to demographic

Death3605d ago

That is a lame example. According to you, you buy consles for the hardware and not the games. That's like heading ut to buy the most fuel efficient car you can and coming home with a tricked out Excursion or Escalade. As gor the 360 having "3 or 4" top selling games, that is definately a matter of opinion and not fact. I would hope an accountant would give advise based in a oersins budget. it's odd that a game console would hit their radar in the "buy" category, but if it did I would think they would base their opinion on cost relative to budget.


Lucreto3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

Well its my opinion afterall.

I see no value in the 360 whatsoever and I hate games like Gears of war and Halo that fuels to the testorone junkie. I am more of an rpg fan and okami/ico fan. So most of the games I like are not on the 360. There is a possible 2 or 3 games I would like I will be getting Fable 2 on PC. As for the PS3 I have around 20 games and I spent €1080 this year on games and BDs

As for my example seeing it from your example it does seemed farfeched but it does contain a point. Hybrids are more expensive and good for the enviroment I call that bells a whistles as most don't care about that and just look for something cheap to get them from a to b

AAACE53605d ago

I like to point out what people might not be looking at, in case you haven't noticed!

Alot of people say that MS stole games from Sony! But what if Sony just felt those games weren't important enough to secure as exclusives anymore?

I know it sounds crazy... but can you think of any other way to explain how MS can just move in and get those games so easily?

I don't know, what do you think?

UltimateIdiot9113605d ago

Either way, Sony didn't want to go into a pissing contest on who can throw the most money away. Why continue to invest in franchises that been around for a long time and losing creativity when you can take those money and make new game or invest else where?

I've said this before, it's time to move on from these sequels/prequels (some are nice, but not too many) and try to establish a new IP. When Final Fantasy XX comes out, do you think it will have the same appeal when you first pick up a FF game at that point? Why would Sony keep throwing money every single round a new FF games come out? First party and second party exclusive guarantee it will stay with Sony in the future.

Asurastrike3605d ago

Star Ocean isn't developed by SE. It's a tri-ace game.

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Kamikaze1353605d ago

The moment Squaresoft merged with Enix labeled their doom. They've been producing games of low standards, yet they sell well. However, gamers have started to notice a decrease in their production value (notice the drop in their revenue lately), thus they've stayed away from SE games. The Last Remnant, the first SE developed RPG for the current gen....well, it wasn't what people expected from them.

FFXIII and is their last shot. If they can't prove themselves with THAT title, then I'm going to boycott them and I'm sure others will follow suit.

3605d ago
Lucreto3605d ago

A defination of Betrayal from Wikipedia

"a form of deception or dismissal of prior presumptions, is the breaking or violation of a presumptive social contract (trust, or confidence) that produces moral and psychological conflict within a relationship amongst individuals, between organizations or between individuals and organizations. Often betrayal is the act of supporting a rival group, or it is a complete break from previously decided upon or presumed norms by one party from the others. Someone who betrays others is commonly called a traitor or betrayer."

I saw this and it fits SE to the ground.

The_Firestarter3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

Honestly, that's the only thing that really bugged me about SE announcing @ E3 FFXIII going multi-plat. They lied to all of us. I wouldn't care if they originally stated from the beginning it would be multi-plat, but they led us to believe for quite a long time FFXIII would be 100% exclusive to the PS3. Whatever, it's all in the past now. I'm still looking forward to it buying and playing FFXIII.

I'm a simple loyalist.

N4Flamers3605d ago

look at all the sandy vaginas we have here. Personaly I agree that they should have just released infinite undiscovery and last remnant on the ps3, but guess what, those games would still suck.

Man I think they messed up but wait till the good games come out then start hating on them. It's immature to hate a company for producing games to make money, it's more mature not to buy a game if it sucks. think about it.

Lucreto3605d ago

It doesn't really matter if they suck. I am rpg starved and I would play anything right about now and I am sure there as others in the same boat.

Neoraf3605d ago

So just go buy a Xbox360.
Pretty affordable.

It's not like you can't play SquareEnix games anymore...

Jager3605d ago

Im not going to waste 200+ on a system for a few flops, whats the point of getting the said system when i can get all the good games (Gears) on the PC or Other System?

And to go against YOUR arguement, if you want the True Final Fantasy experience, gonna have to get a PS3.

I've got a PC / PS3, so i get the games i want, which happen to be the so called 360 Exclusives (Again, Gears of War) but are better on the PC.

Lucreto3605d ago

It may be affordable but it lacks value.

It could be just me but I don't get the 360.

N4Flamers3605d ago

I dont remember playing blue dragon or lost odyssey on the pc, thought we were talking about rpg's, and as far as the true final fantasy experience, I like how you can talk about games that might be close to a year from release like they've all ready arrived. Personally I havent seen anything that justifies me buying a ps3.

I mean reasonably brd, I buy movies for my nephew and am not going to pay 400 plus 35 dollars a movie.
Exclusive games, MGS4 is the only one I actually want to play, every other exclusive is just not really worth the 400 plus.
Internet browser, I think I have one on my pc, and its hooked up to my 40'' tv.
Is there any other reason, hell not saying anything bad Im just saying I cant find a reason to want to buy one, and if I didnt all ready have a 360 I would still buy one over the ps3, truth be told I like the controller minus the d-pad.

Jager3605d ago

Did i ever Say Lost odessy or Blue dragon was on the PC? No, i CLEARLY said Gears, Why would i buy a 360 for just Blue Dragon or Lost odessy? No point. L4D? PC with Steam thank you. Gears? PC. Fable 2? PC when it comes to it. Alan Wake? PC version here thx.

And seeing as how Epic said Gears wouldnt go PC (But alas, it did) i give it a few months before the news breaks out that Gears 2 is gracing PC gamers. if not however, i can live without it.

As i said before, if you want the full FFXIII experience, your going to have to own a PS3.

And really, only MGS4? No Killzone 2? No God of War 3? Grand Turismo 5? Uncharted 2? White Knight? Nice.

N4Flamers3604d ago

I could swear we were talking about rpg's of which blue dragon, which was ok and LO which was awesome are exclusive to the 360 for that matter haven't seen tales of vesperia on there.

Oh yeah and MGS4 is it, especially since all the games you mentioned aren't even out yet. Wait maybe I should just buy a ps3 and let it sit around while I wait for each of those games. Come on how do you think you're going to convince me that I don't know what I like.

As for the final fantasy experience, the game isn't out yet either, you dont know what its going to be like on either system. We have installs so disc swapping you can forget about, I haven't read anything that points to any version being a more complete one.

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