A closer look at PS5’s Game Help feature

How a PlayStation Plus benefit allows players to quickly get game hints through their PS5 console, without the spoilers.

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Neonridr1106d ago

might be useful for when my kid plays Ratchet & Clank. Definitely a great feature for younger people who might get stuck and not exactly know what to do next.

isarai1105d ago

Gotta say, never thought i'd use it. But in R&C on the first planet, i completely forgot you can dash through forcefields and spent like 15mins looking for a way to disable it to get a collectible before i just tried the help feature for the first time. Gave me exactly what i wanted as it knew mt location and so showed me how to get into the gate since i was nearby, literally like 5secs, two button presses and i had my answer. Pretty neat honestly, cant say i'd use it often, but in cases like that, pretty cool.


Conscript brings the awful horrors of war to Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC

Conscript takes all the best bits from old-school horror titles like the OG Resident Evil, and distils this into a traumatising WW1 story.

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Digital Extremes Talks Warframe and Soulframe at TennoCon - Weapons, Cycles and Zones

Digital Extremes Warframe: 1999 & Soulframe Interview at TennoCon 2024- The studio talks about the upcoming expansion, and its new project.


Concord Beta Preview - A Nostalgic Multiplayer Experience with Hero Shooter Elements - MonsterVine

MonsterVine: " I’ve seen a lot of trend games in the past and I believe my time spent in the beta this weekend proves that Concord isn’t one of them."

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