Amazon Features Various Games Under $10 & $20

Daily Video Game writes: "The online retailer Amazon is featuring a new wave of game deals under $10 and $20 across multiple gaming platforms, with several of them being AAA titles. If you own any of these gaming platforms and have been wanting to add new games to your game library, now's the time to act."

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AKS1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

If you have a PS5, WRC9 has a very impressive haptic feedback implementation. It has a 120 Hz mode, too. Oh, the price is way higher for the PS5 version. Nevermind. It was on sale in the PSN Store for way less when I bought it.

Aloymetal1046d ago

Had my eye on this one for a long time now, how is the handling with the DS? difficult to control?

AKS1046d ago

It's a pretty solid game. I wouldn't say it's in Gran Turismo territory, but it was well worth the small amount I paid. They really did a great job trying to make it as immersive as possible. The audio and haptic feedback are very impressive. I think it was on sale for something like $15 to $20 on the PSN Store when I got it. It was a steal for that price. I would wait and watch to see if it drops to that price again.

AKS1044d ago

Hey, it looks like it's on sale again on the PSN Store.

Aloymetal1044d ago

Yeah, thanks for the headsup. I just saw it for $14.99 but before I get it I wanted your opinion on the controls. Is it difficult to control (car) using the Dualsense?


The Best Pirate-Themed Video Games (Not Skull and Bones)

BY JASON MONROE: The very best pirate-themed video games that you should play instead of the disappointment that is Skull and Bones.

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thorstein82d ago

PoE: Deadfire, Unless you have a or PS5 or an SSD don't bother, loading times are insane. A minute and a half to go into a room to investigate a desk in an inn and then an additional 1 1/2 minutes to leave the room and then load to leave the inn???

And they never fixed it.


Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Devs Discuss Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory's Influence

Game Rant speaks to the developers of Theatrhythm Final Bar Line about how their recent Kingdom Hearts rhythm game influenced development.

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CR7JUVE1897561d ago

Wow. That's a lot of games. Still no PSP, PS1, or PS2 titles though....................

RetroCaptainSteve561d ago

A bunch of Ratchet and Clank games though.

Eidolon561d ago

streamed. gross. I have a PS3.

CR7JUVE1897561d ago (Edited 561d ago )

Yeah, but they are only putting back what was originally on PS Now in the first place. This isn't worth the Premium Tier as of right now. They need to do a lot better on their legacy consoles titles


Insane lineup! Was actually thinking of getting back into Skyrim and always wanted to give Division 2 a go but never around it.

Class_Viceroy561d ago

Umm if you want to “get back into” Skyrim wouldn’t that mean you already own it? I mean like 95% or the human population owns a copy of that game in some format.

I’m just confused as to how you’re excited to get back into it when you could literally buy the game for $5-10 for years now. The Division 2 has also been $10 for a while now.

Your excitement just seems a little inauthentic and cheesy. If you really wanted to play those games you could have by now and for dirt cheap.


Haha alright, alright. Let me elaborate, sweety 😉

Last time I played Skyrim was back when it originally appeared on the PS3, so going back to it would feel like somewhat of a fresh experience, with better graphics ofcourse. Also never touched the DLC so that's a plus!

Since I have a full-time job and value my social life a lot, I don't have all the time in the world to try out every game I'm curious about. The Division 2 did spark my interest but since I was pretty disappointed by the first one I decided to give other games more priority. But now that I've got some time off from work and Sony is offering it through Plus, I might as well give it a shot. No way I'm able to finish it but that's ok.

Also, Im a big sucker for the old Kingdom Hearts games, so happy for anyone that's gonna give them a try.

Wether you agree with me or not, don't let it ruin your day, alright?

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monkey602561d ago

Man PS Extra just isn't impressing me. I dont care that there's no big AAA games releasing day one on the service but the stuff they are adding is just old filler. I've played already.
Gamepass games might not all appeal to everyone but at least they give a broad mix of new games. Road 96, Echo Generation, Turtles, Streets of Rage, Signalis, Ghost Song, Somerville. They're all great additions.
Sony should have made some deals to bring the likes of F.I.S.T. RollerDrome and Inscryption to the service or games like them. Something of value.
I guess I got the wrong impression when they gave us Stray.

Eonjay561d ago

I feel the exact opposite. I have only played three of those games. I'm definitely taking advantage of this month.

monkey602561d ago

Good to hear. Hope you enjoy something you might not have otherwise

Eonjay561d ago

What you are saying makes sense for you because you have bought so many games. This isn't the case for most people. Services like this are great for finding and trying ges we might have been apprehensive about in the past. I finally get to try Ghost Recon, Earth Defense Force and KH 2.8

I understand your point of view tho.

gangsta_red561d ago

Echo Generation was an absolute blast to play. And I am enjoying Signalis at the moment, in between OW2 play. I definitely agree tho, the offerings for PS+ seem to be left overs from GP, they definitely need standout titles to make their service more appealing.

I guess if you don't have both consoles these would be some good games to play, but again, just as you stated, Sony should make more deals to bring games like similar to Stray to their service.

SurgicalMenace561d ago

There is another option; buy what you want to play instead of relying on a service to grant you access. All the games you mentioned are available for purchase. Sony is already granting a lot for only 120 yearly, that is equivalent to buying two games. Be grateful....

monkey602561d ago

I have bought those games. Well with the exception of Rollerdrome, I havent got that yet. And I have a library of over 800 games so you don't need to worry about my spending habits. I'm just saying the value just isn't there in the service for me. I find they do fantastic with the choices of games for PS Essential but Extra is disappointing and Premium is a joke. They really did just rebrand PSNow and there's no extra effort being made here. As it is, if my sub was up this month I wouldn't renew it

SurgicalMenace561d ago

Cool story bro, but I assure you that your spending habits are of no concern. While every person has their own taste, what stands out to me is the fact that you have 800 games but are complaining about what one serve offers over another.

I have well over 10k games but there is always an opportunity to discover and purchase more. Sony has one of the richest libraries acrossed several platforms so they don't need to offer more "appealing" games as they often just sell those. What sense would it make to give what's willing to be bought? GP has to appeal more because they're both losing market share and have a community of thrifty gamers. With a despondent economy of gamers you can't risk not offering everything to keep them engaged.

Crows90561d ago (Edited 561d ago )

For now. Stray was a day 1 release for instance. So was shadow warrior 3

shinoff2183561d ago

Fist looks incredible. Ive been waiting for a sale.

monkey602561d ago

It's a great game! I got equally excited for Clid the Snail but that was a dissapointment.

S2Killinit561d ago

Your opinion is the exact opposite of mine. I think the value of PSPlus is higher for my style of gaming.

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nevin1561d ago

Sony needs to just come out and address the state of PS1/PS2/PSP classics to the public.

I paid $28 in June to test out the premium. But it looks like I won't be renewing for $120 in Dec.

shinoff2183561d ago

You do have a point. I want more classics. There loaded ps1 ps2 wise. Whats the deal. I still think the service is on par with gamepass where everything stands right now. But i need sone of those classic titles.