The Angry Pixel Review: LittleBigPlanet

When everybody talks about big things coming in tiny packages, little do they realize that it has never been more fitting than in the case of Media Molecule's magnum opus debut, LittleBigPlanet. Everybody remembers the first time they saw this game - maybe when it was being announced at the GDC, or when it replaced tedious PowerPoint presentations at the Sony keynote at E3, or when they finally got their hands on a controller at one end and the game at the other – only to feel Cupid's arrows turn their heart into a pincushion with each moment spent looking at one of the most endearing digital personas ever created. In the blink of an eye, PS3 loyalists were vindicated, even as Xbox 360 exclusivists suddenly started eyeing Braid with a disdain that they didn't feel until that very moment, and the PC crowd – well, they just milled around with an air of open hostility, armed with voodoo dolls and wooden stakes, so what else is new?

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