Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart returns to No.1 after PS5 stock boost | UK Boxed Charts

PS5 exclusive Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is back at the top of the UK boxed charts following an 187% jump in sales.

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RosweeSon68d ago

And it’s price cut would have helped as was down from £69.99 to £59.99 In less than 7 days. Shop around can get a copy off eBay for barely £40/45 😜🙌🏻✌&# 127995;

TheEnigma31368d ago

Seems like the $70 price tag can't hold for long.

S2Killinit68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Pretty sure no one is holding out for 10 bucks 😂
Its the PS5 stocks replenish

MrSugarholic68d ago

You're right. They'll be holding for more. I don't think most will want to pay the £70, I hope it doesn't last and they just drop the RRP.

Especially games like Returnal, you just know that doesn't have a massive budget like other AAAs like the Last of Us, Spider-Man or God of War. You can argue a price hike for those but not something like Returnal imho.

CrimsonWing6968d ago

I just won’t pay it out of principle.

toxic-inferno68d ago


I held out for the £10 price drop. Got it from Amazon at the reduced price just 4 days after launch. Glad I waited.

Babadook767d ago

I’m very happy to spend $10 more for a game of this caliber.

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SeTTriP68d ago

The numbers don't support this

TheEnigma31367d ago (Edited 67d ago )

of course; Early adopters. Y'all do you and I will do me. I will wait.

andy8568d ago

It was £55 pre-release. It wasn't dropped because it wasn't selling 😂

RosweeSon67d ago

Didn’t suggest that just stated a fact that within 7 days the price pretty much dropped everywhere to £59.99. That might only be a tenner but it adds up. You are correct day1 with an eBay deal I could have got it for £55 I’ll wait got my last ratchet which I only completed a couple months ago so wasn’t desperate for another immediately, as for people saying people won’t hold out for £10/$10 yeah they will the majority in fact only a few who feel the need to rush out day1 and pay over the odds for it because it’s New… that week 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️ 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣 some people will wait for slim console or proper price cuts not everyone wants to pay full price. The majority in fact. GTA5 didn’t sell 85 million day1 🤣
Personally I can’t wait looks great wasn’t desperate to pay £70 certainly when the price is already dropping. All those who paid £70 still playing it? Gonna go back to it in the next 6 months? No didn’t think so😑🤣🤷& #127995;‍♂️ As long as ya’ll were happy to pay over the odds 🥴🤣

andy8565d ago

That's why you don't buy a digital console. I was perfectly happy as I paid £55 and sold it for £50. I imagine a lot who bought day one would have done the same.

tombfan68d ago

This game's deservers millions of sales.

Storm2368d ago

Agreed. It is SO good. About to start another play-through.

tombfan68d ago

I think it's better the second time you play it because OMEGA variations, those things are crazeh

Popsicle68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

@tombfan - The 2nd play through is more fun for me as well because I am not worrying about touching all areas of the map for the collectables I got in my first run. I know other people enjoy hunting these down, but for me as an OCD completionist it takes away from the game when I am spending so much time hunting collectables instead of enjoying the fantastic gameplay and story. I know that I have the choice to not hunt them and It is a personal problem for sure, but not hunting the 2nd time around is the primary reason I enjoy the 2nd play through the most. I feel more free.

SullysCigar68d ago

Replaying R&C games is my favourite part. SO much fun blasting through with insanely upgraded weapons!

RosweeSon67d ago

It sure does and I’m sure over time when the price becomes more reasonable then it will. 🤷🏻‍♂️✌🏻 ;🤓

Thundercat7768d ago

Amazing and it will continue to happen as people are able to get their PS5.

Futureshark68d ago

Showpiece game, system seller for the PS5.

talocaca68d ago

Well deserved. Got the Platinum and this game is truly Next Gen.

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