Yo-Kai Watch Wasn't Just a Pokemon Clone, It Was Better

Yo-Kai Watch nudged its way in front of Goliath. After dabbling in familiar-collecting with 2010’s Ni No Kuni, Level-5 repurposed its own formula.

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ZeekQuattro74d ago

R.I.P Yo-kai Watch. It looked like it could of been a big contender but it fizzled out real quick.

Spenok73d ago

Pretty much every Pokémon Clone is better than Pokémon these days.

PS-Gamer-198673d ago

I was waiting for yokai watch to release on switch or ps in the west. Unfortunately this will probably never happen.

Loved yokai 1 on 3ds and enjoyed it much more than pokemon sun( in which i lost interest after not that many hours, just like with pokemon sword), despite the rather weird fighting system.

ZeekQuattro73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Its not looking good since Level 5 closed their American branch but before it shuttered they said its still being localized as of last January. Of course Level 5 have been quiet since then but they did speak on the matter at least.

phoenixwing73d ago

I was waiting to. Was going to be day 1 for me. I never heard of the series until much later

franwex73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

I absolutely could not get into Pokémon sun. I tried.

I cannot handle all the handholding. I was done. DONE.
I haven’t tried Sword or Shield. Pokémon (Ultra) Sun and Moon where so terrible that I am pretty much done with the franchise.

Nebaku73d ago

The fact you're mentioning Pokemon means that it isn't.

The truly successful monster raising games are the ones that carved out enough of a unique identity to not be called Pokemon clones. Almost any of the SMT games that let you recruit monsters for example. Or the "Monsters" branch of DQ games.