Sony Spain released some new details, 20GB PS3 in summer 2007?

Sony Computer Entertainment Spain's James Armstrong released some new details about the PLAYSTATION 3. He talked about the expectations and possible number of units for Spain.

-Sony Spain is expeting to sale 600.000 PS3's in the first twelve months. They're also expeting to sell around the same number of PS2's in 2007.

-During the first two months, Sony will spend 5 milion euros on the advertising campaign. The Spanish population may expect a great marketingcampaign. Spain may also expect a large share of PS3 units during the launch. Spain, Great Britain and France will get the most PLAYSTATION 3 units. They'll only get the 60 GB model, but in the summer, the 20 GB will be released in Europe.

-Sony will make around 30 blu-ray movies available during the launch period in Europe, wich is sceduled for March 23th.

-Spain is the fourth market for Sony since the PlayStation Portable sold around 650.000 units in 2006. The other three country's are the United States, England and Japan.

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