NetherRealm Studios And TT Games Will "Remain Part Of Warner Bros."

Despite rumours to the contrary, a spokesperson for Warner Bros. says the Mortal Kombat and Lego games developers aren't for sale.

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Tedakin104d ago

It always sounded weird that WB would sell Netherrealm. Mortal Kombat and their other games print money. The movie was a big hit for HBO Max and they said as much, and are planning more. Even if they kept the IP, they would have still been getting rid of the creator and studio that makes the games. Nothing about selling NRS made any sense.

BlackIceJoe103d ago

This is great news, because having more game publishers is always welcome.

Hopefully with Discovery merging with Warner Bros, they'll increase their video game output and we'll see new video game developers from them.

yarbie1000103d ago

Jez corden and Xbox insiders wrong again

TriniOutsider103d ago

Of course, they wouldn't sell-off NRS. Mortal Kombat itself is a money maker just on its name alone.

rakentaja103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Here is the full answer:

NetherRealm Studios And TT Games Will "Remain Part Of Warner Bros." These two studios will be sold to Microsoft as part of WB, along with all other studios. We do not sell our company in parts (laughs).