Final Fantasy XVI Producer Naoki Yoshida Shares Development Updates During Talk Show

During a recent talk show broadcast as part of a live stream, Final Fantasy XVI Producer Naoki Yoshida shares some updates on the game's development.

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franwex70d ago

So we probably won’t see anything this year then. Bummer.

Maybe Yoko Taro can start on FF17 then. Hehe.

NeoGamer23270d ago

People keep talking about franchises that need a serious break. To me FF is the top of that list.

franwex70d ago

But it doesn’t get a yearly release though. If anything-I wished we got one more often.

Greg280170d ago

I mean FF15 released in what 2016 or something...

Final Fantasy has a lot of spin-off and remakes, that's why it seems that a new one is releasing every year or something.

But 5 years since the last main game is a long time.

Droppedez70d ago

No we need another Final Fantasy Tactics or at least a remake before Final Fantasy takes a break. IMO

franwex70d ago (Edited 70d ago )


I count FF7 Remake as an actual Final Fantasy. So technically we just had one last year.

But yeah, brand spanking new since 2016.

CrimsonWing6970d ago

I’m not sure why you feel that way, it’s not like the same game every time nor is it an annual release. In fact, I’d say this is one of the few most diverse franchises in the gaming industry.

SullysCigar70d ago

I mean, YOU could take a break from FF. Then catch up as and when you're ready.

nommers69d ago

I feel the opposite. It's one of the very few franchises that manages to keep things fresh while still being very successful.

NeoGamer23269d ago

I have been playing Final Fantasy since the late 1980's. I will agree that their releases are diverse and they change a lot of the dynamics and explore different stories. But, After over 15 mainline games, I think any franchise needs a break. LOL. People talk about Uncharted and Halo needing breaks and both those games have 4 and 5 mainline games respectively.

Final Fantasy was released in 1987. That is 15 games in 29 years with FF XV releasing in 2016. Averaging a game every two years. Uncharted has four mainline games in a 9 year period. And Halo had 5 mainline games in 14 years. At the very least FF should lesson the announcements of the next game to a half a year before release. To, me, it just sounds like they are always releasing a mainline game.

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Viking_mo70d ago

So most likely the next trailer will have a release date. Good news for me, since everything else is near to completion

Eamon70d ago

Hmm, looks like it really was revealed a bit too early. Here's hoping it will appear again at Jump Festa, and hopefully with a release date. I don't think the wait will be as agonizing as FFvs13/FF15 and FF7R.