XboxOz360: The Last Remnant Review: Square Enix's fall from grace

XboxOz360 writes: "The pedigree of titles Square Enix have developed is incredible. They and their separate entities are considered the premier Japanese Role Playing Game (JRPG) developers on the market. So with great anticipation I booted up my copy of The Last Remnant, but what ensued can only be described as the 'fall from grace' of Square Enix.

In terms of the story, The Last Remnant is certainly capable of holding its own against other recently released JRPG's. The young protagonist, Rush Sykes, is your typical melodramatic male teen, furiously devoted to those he loves, especially his sister."

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gaminoz3603d ago

It's a shame that Square Enix on the 360 is now looked at as a failed experiment because these games aren't up to FF standards.

You have the Sony fans jumping for joy about it, and the 360 fans saying the game is not up to scratch but it's okay because the next Final Fantasy will be on their console anyway.

I personally don't see too many exclusives in the future: it's about making money.

XboxOZ3603603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Well we know where THAT originated from, don't we (cough -sonyfanboisim-cough) . . Heaven help any company that tries to stay in business by expanding their position instead of closing their doors. After all, they are in business to serve the Sony gamers, NOT stay in business . . . remember ! (sarc btw ppl)

But on topic, I'm just NOT into the whole OTT Japanese RPG thing and turn-based games. Just do not do it for me, no matter which dev/pub house puts their name to it. Even Endwar from Ubi is not on my high list of must haves, even though it gets great scores.

Oh, and everyone seems to love the snow . . yeah . .

Ichiryoka3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Played legendary? Is it as bad as they make it out to be? What made you rent/buy it?

Edit: I realized I did not comment on the topic. hmm Really not much to say at this point though. It is what it is. (The review) Although I have thought about renting this just to see if I would like it.

Immortal Kaim3603d ago

For me there is nothing like a 'good'(notice what I did there) JRPG. No other genre has the narrative, character development or sheer length that a 'good' JRPG can have, that is why the 'good' JRPG's have the ability to define an entire generation.

Look at FF7 for example, whenever the PS1 is brought up, I immediately think of FF7. The experience Square Enix have consistently delivered is what made them the premier JRPG developers (well atleast they used to be).

I am optimistic about FFXIII, hopefully it is the resurrection of the Square we used to know and love.

Godem3603d ago

FF10 was the last real 'great' game from Square.. they really need to pick up the pace...

darkmurder3603d ago

I think Square have drifted from their good times unfortunately, from what I've heard even FFXII was pretty bad, I've got high expectations for XIII but its not looking good.

Superfragilistic3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Yeah XIII looks promising but I'm much more interested in Star Ocean 4 and what the Mistwalker boys are up to.

Lost Odyssey is my favourite JRPG of this generation so far and a sequel to that, plus news on Cry On and that Blue Dragon sequel would be damn welcome! :D

As for Square, well all developers go through growing pains and that's exactly what's happening with them post merger and expansion into the West. They're going to try a lot of things to find a new direction and update their engines and game design for increasingly Western audiences, and by the time Sqaure finds its way there'll likely be quite a few Remnants in its wake.

I sometimes suspect Sakaguchi (creator of FF) saw it coming and jumped ship to form Mistwalker, along with some of his most esteemed FF buddies. lol

Godem3603d ago

yeah, FF12 was terrible imo, it tried to be a single player MMO.. just not cool.

Immortal Kaim3603d ago

I'm the same Super, I can't wait until Mistwalker release some info on their next RPG, CryOn. Sakaguchi is a genius, when he gets some other top thinkers and developers around him, Mistwalker will be a strong force in the gaming industry.

Simmo443603d ago

FFXII was not liked by alot of people (including me) but it did get alot of followings in Japan. I hated what Square did to the battle system, when XIII comes out I hope to god they make a decent one. Tbh Im a massive fan of turn based and think they should just keep it that way.

0verdrive3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

i liked ff12. it was different, but really i just saw it as DE trying to reinvent themselves. they change the battle system every ff, and really, theres only so much you can do with the turn based system. now, granted i am a huge fan of turn based combat, i still found ff12 to be quite fun. i especially liked gambits, it really reminded me of computer programming, and it was fun to try get your character to do something with limited parameters. although, it did kind of suck that after you got a successful command chain going, you did very little "playing" of the game. still fun though.

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sak5003603d ago

Its not the platform its the genre and how long can one keep playing these boring games. We've all grown up from teh days of FF series on ps1. Nobody wants to play metrosexual characters with 10 hours of cutscenes and same turnbased fighting.

green3603d ago

Exactly could not have said it better.Everybody can say what they want but i believe that in terms of RPG'S the west have progressed in leaps and bounds over the Japanese.Just look at the progress that Lionhead,Bethesda and Bioware have made with their offerings this gen compared to last gen and compare it to what the Japanese have done with their RPG'S and you would see that there is no contest.

Tell me, apart from HD graphics, what is so different between the JRPG's of today and the JRPG's of the past 8 years? Absolutely nothing.

Why o why3603d ago

and maybe you's 2 should try Valkaria chronicles IF you get the chance or even persona 3 or 4 if you want something fresh. No unreal engine in sight

0verdrive3603d ago

wow epic disagree with 5.1

western rpgs are garbage. for example, fallout3, albeit pretty fun, is a horrible iteration of the series, a definite downgrade from the originals from the series. this is a perfect example of how western rpgs are not progressing, but digressing. i could make a long list about why that game sucks compared to its predecessors, and most have to do with dumbing the game down to cater to what i feel is a more "western" train of thought. now the original fallouts were not by any means connected with jrpgs, but they had many elements that make they smart, complex, and thought provoking. instead, they replaced it with mindless shooting and short spanned entertainment that is meant to hold this generation of gamers' incredibly short attention spans. honestly, i have a hard time classifying fallout3 as a real rpg, as it also has an increased emphasis on gun play and first person shooting. just because your health is a number doesnt necessarily make the game an rpg.

jrpgs are really the epitome of rpgs. the "tired turn based combat" systems that you, and this current generation, so avidly hate are staples of the genre. seriously, it takes some patience to enjoy rpgs, they arent the kind of games that adrenaline junkies are looking to get their fix. its the turn based combat and menu systems that allow for the strategic elements of the game. if you cant appreciate those things, than you should stick to your fps and action games.

green3603d ago

I have no problem with turn based battle systems what so ever, afterall i have stated several times that Lost Odyssey is one of my favorite games of 09.But in terms of innovation JRPG's this gen are no different from the last gen.

BIOWARE - check out the difference between Star Wars KOTOR and Mass Effect with the speech tree dialog. To me that is what they call progree and forward thinking.

LIONHEAD - Fable 2 with the fantastic one button combat and advancements in A.I with your dog companion.

I have not played Fallout 3 but my friends on XBL that have it absolutely love it.

None of the games made by the above RPG dev's require you to drop your controller for hours watching mindless cutscenes but instead find a way to tell a deeper storline while always keeping you in control of the character.So while you sit there and brand gamers that are tired of the same old JRPG as "adrenaline junkies" with "short attention spans" (even if i have been gaming for 20years), can you please tell me what innovation JRPG devs have brought to the table this gen?

0verdrive3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

i think that we have different ideas about what constitutes a rpg.

in all honestly, i have not played fable2, and very little of mass effect, but i fail to see those as real rpgs, fallout3 as well. i could be mistaken, but fable2, from what the limited gameplay footage i have seen, looks like an action game with rpg elements, and mass effect is a shooter with rpg elements. i grew up with traditional jrpgs being THE definition of an rpg. traditional rpgs consisting of battle menus, turns, and character customization, whether it statistics, skills, or equipment, etc. the games you mentioned have some of those elements, mainly character customization, but the core gameplay of those games fails to fall into the "rpg" catergory for me. even fallout3 slips out of this category, due to the fps element they added, in my opinion at least.

now, jrpgs nowadays have not really be pushing the envelope in terms of innovation, but what they offer is tradition. those traditional core gameplay mechanics are something that defines the entire genre for me. where the innovation comes in is where they find ways to refresh those mechanics. different ways to customize character. innovative ways to rehash turn based battles and menu systems. look how many times SE has done it in the FF series. they are making the 13th one, and for the most part, after ff7, they have all had different battle systems and character customizations. in ff7 they had materia. in ff8 they used junctioning. in ff10 they had the skill sphere thing. in ff12 they used gambits. all of these were new and innovative ways to keep the genre alive while staying within the confines of the core gameplay mechanics that have grown such a huge following in japan and around the world. perhaps jrpgs are not trying to innovate the genre, but rather they are paying homage to the lineage and tradition of the classic rpg.

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