Meet The Team Working On A Final Fantasy 9 Remake You’ll Never Get To Play

Final Fantasy 9: Memoria Project is a fan homage like nothing we've ever seen before.

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brewin76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

I wish that companies would find a way to release these kind of fan projects. Instead of just shutting them down and wasting all of the time of everybody who developed them, why not just help put the finishing touches on it and give the folks behind it a small cut of the sales?

With all the digital storefronts out there there really is no risk to the publishers. This thing looks like it would be marvelous but of course it will most likely get shut down and never see release.

andy8575d ago

Absolutely agree. They do the work and make it look great. Just pay them and release it. We'd have so many great versions of our favourite games

PorkMuffin75d ago

or maybe they can stop using someone else's IP and make something original themselves, idk just a thought.

Kavorklestein75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

No. Being a fan of something should not mean only enjoying what is sold to you as a consumer.
Consumers projects and works of art should be inspiring to the creators.
As long as these things are not SOLD without the Creator/ip holder's opinion or making MONEY for people and are done for free, it shouldn't be a problem. Otherwise every tattoo artist should be sued for every single Kermit the Frog, Darth Vader etc.. etc.. ever inked on someone. Every cake. Every drawing. Every Mod for Skyrim. Everything. Or is that not what you meant? What else could you possibly mean?
You are plain wrong on this.. as are all these companies. Whether these projects are done in a playable game form or not, this is art and skill on display. No money involved should mean no problems.

PorkMuffin75d ago

of course money is involved, if they just allow anyone to continue making these and releasing to the public free, people are either gonna stop buying the original product or in this case, bug the company to buy and release whatever was made by these 'fans'. It's basically like if you're selling a product, someone rip you off and start giving out your products for free and in order to stop that from happening, you have to spend a ton of money and acquire them.

Kavorklestein73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Sounds like Devs having free "competition" means they should "git gud" so to speak. If people can do amazing stuff like this for free, (whether or not these projects become more than videos or playable demos to be shared for free etc..) then these companies with tons of money for tons of projects should spend some of that money on actually DOING exciting things, instead of using it to sue others for showing their skills and fandom.

Knightofelemia76d ago

FF9 was not my favorite title but I would buy this and play it SquareEnix should green light this. If fans of FF9 are pouring this much blood, sweat, tears and passion into something they love. Which is FF9 then it's worth it they earn my respect working on something they love. If this ever did get the green light and sold well I would love to see what they could do with Xenogears, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Parasite Eve and other Final Fantasy games.

brewin75d ago

You will see me complain about remasters and remakes, but only when theyre from last gen or last year. I think that stuff is a money grab and unnecessary.

However, games from 20+ years ago remade with todays tech, Im all for that! I love what SE did with FF7 remake, even if I don't like how they broke it up to make it several games. But the results so far have been incredible!

FF9 was one if my favorites because it was the last FF with that magically medieval vibe. They should absolutely greenlight this thing and see how far these folks can take it.

ManMarmalade75d ago

I honestly prefer remasters over remakes, but im not complaining if a game gets a remake either.

metalhead75d ago

Square Enix could make a deal where they get a kickback for each one sold. They should do that for fans who are good enough of their craft to pull this off. They probably would be sold for less than a AAA title and would be just as or even more fun.

brewin75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

With the power of the newer consoles, it should be easy to rework games stuck on old consoles for a new generation of gamers to enjoy. Seeing FF9 with graphics like this on modern consoles would be a damn fine way to celebrate its history! And the thing is, the leg work is already done. These dedicated fans have already worked this far, why not pick it up from here and finish it for a proper release?!

I see these older FF games getting remade for phones, but a full fledged console remake would be much better.

SDuck75d ago

Companies should negotiate with these creators so they can publish their fanmade games as their property while pay those enthusiasts what they deserve for their hard work and passion!

brewin75d ago

It's definitely a huge opportunity for publishers. They could easily just have a new division of fan-made games where games with rabid fan bases can submit prototypes and whatnot. Think of the indie developers that would jump all over that and create remakes, Demakes sequels etc. what better way to cater to your fan base than allowing the fan base to actually have input by creating the game that they want? I see no risk to publishers here especially if the publisher has a legal channel for these kind of ideas to get submitted for approval. If the publisher likes what they see green light it if not shut it down.

Wrathspawn9374d ago

I've made fan art ideas myself for FFIX like an "Old Zidane Tribal" with a new Vivi and a moogle that can be seen here on deviant

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